Sharp QW-GD54R443X-DE User Manual

Built-in dishwasher
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QW-GD54R 443X-DE
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  Summary of Contents for Sharp QW-GD54R443X-DE

  • Page 1 QW-GD54R 443X-DE For Life...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS CHAPTER-1: EXPLANATION OF PRODUCT Technical specifications Conformity with the standards and test data CHAPTER-2: SAFETY INFORMATION AND RECOMMENDATIONS Recycling Safety information Recommendations Items not suitable for dishwashing CHAPTER-3: INSTALLING THE MACHINE Positioning the machine Water connections Water inlet hose Water outlet hose Electrical connection Prior to using the machine...
  • Page 4: Chapter-1: Explanation Of Product

    CHAPTER -1: EXPLANATION OF PRODUCT 7. Control panel 1. Upper basket with racks 8. Detergent and rinse- 2. Upper spray arm aid dispenser 3. Lower basket 9. Salt dispenser 4. Lower spray arm 10. Upper basket track latch 5. Filters 11.
  • Page 5: Technical Specifications

    CHAPTER -1: TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Technical specifications Capacity 15 place settings Height 820 mm - 870 mm Width 598 mm Depth 550 mm Net Weight 38 kg Electricity input 220-240 V, 50 Hz Total Power 1900 W Heating Power 1800 W Pump Power 100 W Drain Pump Power...
  • Page 6: Chapter-2: Safety Information And Recommendations

    CHAPTER -2: SAFETY INFORMATION AND RECOMMENDATIONS SAFETY INFORMATION AND RECOMMENDATIONS Recycling • The recyclable materials are used in certain components and packaging. • Plastic parts are marked with international abbreviations: (>PE< , >PS< , >POM<, >PP<, ) • Cardboard parts have been produced from recycled paper which should be disposed of into waste paper collection containers for recycling.
  • Page 7 • Do not leave the door open, to avoid accidents. • Place knives and other sharp-ended objects in the cutlery basket in blade- down position. • If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or competent technican in order to prevent a hazard.
  • Page 8: Recommendations

    CHAPTER -2: SAFETY INFORMATION AND RECOMMENDATIONS Recommendations • For energy and water saving, remove coarse residues on your dishes before placing the dishes into the machine. Start your machine after having fully loaded it. • Use the pre-wash programme only whenever necessary. •...
  • Page 9: Water Connections

    CHAPTER -3: INSTALLING THE MACHINE If the door of the machine does not close properly, check if the machine is stable on the floor on which it stands; if not, adjust the feet and ensure its stable posi- tion. Water connection İndoor plumbing must be suitable for installing a dishwasher.
  • Page 10: Electrical Connection

    CHAPTER -3: INSTALLING THE MACHINE Warning: When a drain hose longer than 4 m is used, the dishes may remain dirty. In such a case, our company will not accept liability. Electrical connection The grounded plug of your machine should be connected to an grounded out- let supplied by a suitable voltage and current.
  • Page 11: Prior To Using The Machine

    CHAPTER -4: PREPARING THE MACHINE FOR USE Prior to using the machine for the first time • Check whether the electricity and supply water specifications match the values indicated by the installation instructions for the machine. • Remove all packaging materials inside the machine. •...
  • Page 12: Adjusting Salt Consumption

    CHAPTER -4: PREPARING THE MACHINE FOR USE Adjusting salt consumption Water German French British Hardness Level Indicator hardness hardness hardness hardness level level dH level dF level dE L1 is seen on display. 6-11 10-20 7-14 L2 is seen on display. 12-17 21-30 15-21...
  • Page 13: Combined Detergent

    CHAPTER -4: PREPARING THE MACHINE FOR USE Combined detergents Combined detergents may include various properties in them. Before using a detergent, please read and follow the instructions well. Generally, combined detergents produce sufficient results only under certain conditions. Points to consider when using these types of products: •...
  • Page 14: Chapter-5: Loading Your Dishwasher

    To avoid any possible injuries, place long-handle and sharp-pointed knives with their sharp points facing down or horizontally on the baskets. Warning: Place your dishes into your machine in a way that they will not prevent the upper and lower spray arms from spinning.
  • Page 15 The Upper Cutlery Basket is composed of two pieces; if you need to make space for the dishes in the upper bas- ket, you can take out the left or right part of the upper cutlery basket in order to obtain more space. Warning: Knives and other sharp objects must be placed horizontally in the cutlery basket. EN-15...
  • Page 16: Alternative Basket Loads

    CHAPTER-5: LOADING YOUR DISHWASHER Alternative basket loads Lower Basket Top basket Incorrrect loads Important Note for Test Laboratories For detailed information on performance tests, please contact following address: “” . In your email, please provide the model name and serial number (20 digits) which you can find on the appliance door.
  • Page 17: Chapter -6: Programme Descriptions

    CHAPTER -6: PROGRAMME DESCRIPTIONS Programme items Programme No Programme Quickwash Quick 30’ Dual Wash names and (P1) 40°C( P2 ) (reference ) ( P3) 60°C ( P4) temperatures Type of food Pre-wash Coffee, milk, Coffee, milk, tea, cold Soups, sauces, waste to rinse and tea, cold meats,...
  • Page 18 CHAPTER -6: PROGRAMME DESCRIPTIONS Programme items Programme Programme Express 50’ Hygiene 60°C (P6) Auto Delicate Auto Intensive names and 65°C ( P5) 30-50°C(P7) 50-70°C(P8) temperatures Type of food Soups, sauces, Dishes with Automatically adjust the washing time with waste pasta, eggs, dense dirt waiting temperature and amount of water by determining potato and oven...
  • Page 19: Chapter -7: Switching On The Machine And Selecting Aprogramme

    CHAPTER -7: SWITCHING ON THE MACHINE AND SELECTING A PROGRAMME ( 7) (11) 1.) Power On/Off Touch Button After the Power On/Off touch is pressed, two dashes appear in the program display. Touch the ‘’On/Off touch but- ton’’ with your fingertip for 1 sec to turn the machine on or off. 2.) Program Touch Button Use the Program touch button to select a suitable program for your dishes.
  • Page 20: Switching On The Machine

    CHAPTER -7: SWITCHING ON THE MACHINE AND SELECTING A PROGRAMME 7.) Extra Fast Touch Button This washes the dishes with more pressure, thus shortening the time of the selected program and provides more economical water usage. Note: This option can only be selected at the beginning of the program. 8.) Extra Silent Touch Button Washes the dishes with less pressure, thus provides more sensitive and silent washing.
  • Page 21: Changing A Programme

    CHAPTER -7: SWITCHING ON THE MACHINE AND SELECTING A PROGRAMME Changing a programme To change the program while a wash program is going. 1- Open the door and select a new program by pressing the Program touch button (2). 2- After closing the door, the newly selected new program start from the point where the original program reached, but with the new parameters (temperature, cycles) of the new program.
  • Page 22 CHAPTER -7: SWITCHING ON THE MACHINE AND SELECTING A PROGRAMME Compatibility between options Options Half load Tablet Start delay Extra Fast Extra Silent Energy Save Half load Tablet Start delay Extra Fast Extra Silent Energy Save How to change from “ECO MODE” to “NORMAL MODE” for Inner Light option: 1- Open the dishwasher door and press the Power On/Off touch button.
  • Page 23: Chapter-8: Maintenance And Cleaning

    CHAPTER -8: MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING Cleaning the machine in regular intervals prolongs the machines service life. Oil and lime may accumulate in the machines washing section. In the event of such accumulation; -Fill the detergent compartment without loading any dishes into the machine, run the machine at high temperature.
  • Page 24: Chapter-9: Failure Codes And What To Do İn Case Of Failure

    If the lamps “Wash/Dry” and “End” keep flashing • The water overflow alarm is active • Turn off your tap and contact the Sharp help desk. If the control lamps won’t go out after a wash operation Check if the Power On/Off button is released.
  • Page 25: Chapter-10: Practical And Useful Information

    CHAPTER -10: PRACTICAL AND USEFUL INFORMATION If there are whitish stains on the dishes • insufficient detergent is being used • Rinse aid dosage setting at a very low level. • No special salt is being used despite the high degree of water hardness. •...
  • Page 26 DISPOSAL OF YOUR OLD MACHINE This symbol on the product or package implies that the product should not be treated as domestic waste. Instead, it should be delivered to applicable waste collection places recycling electrical and electronic equipment. You will contribute to avoid potential negative results regarding environment and human health.
  • Page 27 Register your product here WWW.SHARPHOMEAPPLIANCES.COM, by registering with Sharp you become part of our For Life promise to always be there for you and your appliance. %100 recycleable paper 52254986 R35 EN-27...