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Channel Definition Block Keywords-scsi Only - Adaptec SAS/SATA/SCSI RAID Controllers Installation And User Manual

Adaptec raid controller installation and users guide sas, sata, and scsi raid controllers.
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Type Keyword
Type is a required keyword, indicating the array type. There is no default value. The possible
values: Volume, RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID10, or RAID50.
Depending on the RAID levels supported by your RAID controller, additional possible values
Wait Keyword
Wait is an optional keyword that you can use to tell the ACU to allow the ACU to continue
while the Build/Verify or Clear completes in the background; specify Wait=No. Otherwise, the
ACU waits by default.
If the host is powered off before the Build/Verify or Clear process completes and is then
restarted, the process resumes without any user intervention.
For example:
WriteCache Keyword
The WriteCache keyword indicates whether write caching is used for this array if write caching
is supported for the system. Possible values are as follows:
Yes (default)—Enable the write cache.
No—Disable the write cache.
Setting an array's WriteCache keyword to Yes might result in data loss or corruption during a
power failure.
For example:
Channel Definition Block Keywords—SCSI only
The channel definition block is optional. If used, it always begins with the keyword Channel and
ends with the keyword End. The channel definition block keywords are listed in this table.
Used to identify the channel.
Changes the SCSI ID of the controller.
Indicates the end of a channel definition block.
Channel Keyword
Channel is an optional keyword that begins a channel definition block and specifies the
channel number to which the channel keywords apply. Channels are numbered from zero to
the maximum number of channels on the controller minus one.
You can include multiple channel definition blocks within a script file, each beginning with a
channel keyword and value.
For example:
Appendix D: Using the Array Configuration Utility for DOS


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