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C Re Nd Cle Ning; Exterior Surfaces; Cooking Containers; Care And Cleaning - Black & Decker CTO7100B Use And Care Book Manual

Digital rotisserie convection oven
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Care and Cleaning

This product contains no user serviceable parts. Refer service to qualified service
1. Turn off unit, unplug from wall outlet and let it cool before cleaning.
2. Clean the glass door with a nylon pad and sudsy water. Do not use a spray
glass cleaner.
3. To remove slide rack, open the door, pull the rack forward and out. Wash
in warm, sudsy water or in a dishwasher. To remove stubborn spots, use a
polyester or nylon pad. To replace the slide rack, open the door completely
and slide into the rail and close the door.
4. Wash the bake pan, broil rack, rotisserie spit and forks in warm, sudsy water
or in the dishwasher. To minimize scratching, use a polyester or nylon pad.
5. To remove the crumb tray, grasp the handle at the front of the oven and pull
it out. Dispose of crumbs and wash the tray in warm, sudsy water. Remove
stub born spots with a nylon mesh pad. Be sure to dry thoroughly before
inserting the tray back into the oven.
Important: The oven surface gets hot; be sure the oven has cooled completely
before cleaning.
Let the oven cool completely before cleaning any outer surface. Wipe with a damp
cloth or sponge and dry with paper towel or soft cloth.
• Metal, ovenproof glass or ceramic bake ware without glass lids can be used
in your oven. Follow manufacturer's instructions.
• Be sure the top edge of the container is at least 1.5" (3.81 cm) away from the
upper heating elements.


Unit is not heating or stops
Electrical outlet is not
working or oven is
Second toasting is too dark.
Setting on toast is too dark.
Moisture forms on the inside of
The amount of moisture
the glass door during toasting.
differs in different products,
whether bread, bagels or
frozen pastries.
Food is overcooked or
Temperature and cook time
may need to be adjusted.
There is burnt food odor or
There are remnants of food in
smoking when oven is being
crumb tray or on the walls of
the oven.
Heating elements do not seem
The heating elements cycle
to be on.
on and off during baking.
Check to make sure
outlet is working. Both
the temperature control
and the timer must be
set in order for the oven
to function.
If doing repeated
toasting in the oven,
select a shade slightly
lighter than the previous
The moisture that forms
on the oven door is
quite common and will
usually disappear during
the toasting cycle.
Since the oven is closed
the moisture cannot
evaporate as it would in
a toaster.
s your toaster oven
is much smaller than
a regular oven, it may
heat up faster and cook
faster. Try lowering the
temperature 25 degrees
from the suggested
temperature in a recipe
or on a label.
Refer to the directions
in the C RE ND
CLE NING section of
this Use & Care booklet.
Make sure all parts of
the oven, baking pan
and rack are clean.
Check the oven to make
certain the function
desired is being used.
On broil, only the top
element is on.

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Table of Contents

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