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Protect Children - Electrolux 300 Series Use & Care Manual

Front load dryer
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Table of Contents
Important Safety Information
• DO NOT use fabric softeners or products
to eliminate static unless recommended
by the manufacturer of the fabric softener
or product.
DO NOT continue to use the dryer if you
hear squeaking, grinding, rubbing or other
unusual noises. This could be a sign of
mechanical breakdown and lead to fire
or serious injury. Contact a qualified
technician immediately.
• Failure to comply with these warnings
could result in fire, explosion, serious
bodily injury and/or damage to the dryer.

Protect children

• DO NOT allow children to play on or in
the dryer. Close supervision of children is
necessary when the dryer is used near
children. As children grow, teach them
the proper, safe use of all appliances.
• Destroy the carton, plastic bag and
other packing materials after the dryer
is unpacked. Children might use them
for play. Cartons covered with rugs,
bedspreads or plastic sheets can
become airtight chambers.
• Keep laundry products out of children's
reach. To prevent personal injury, observe
all warnings on product labels.
• Before the dryer is removed from service
or discarded, remove the dryer door to
prevent accidental entrapment.
• Failure to comply with these warnings
could result in serious personal injuries.
Risk of child entrapment
Child entrapment and suffocation are
not problems of the past. Junked or
abandoned washers and dryers are still
dangerous – even if they will sit for "just
a few days". If you are getting rid of
your old washer or dryer, please follow
the instructions below to help prevent
We strongly encourage responsible
appliance recycling/disposal methods.
Contact your State/Provence Energy
Office, Local Electric and Water Utilities
or Conservation Program Office or visit for more
information on recycling your old washer
or dryer.
Before you throw away your old
washer or dryer:
• Remove doors
• Remove the electric power cord
• Secure all hoses and drain pipes to
prevent water from leaking out and
creating a slip hazard.
Prevent injury
• To prevent shock hazard and assure
stability during operation, the dryer must
be installed and electrically grounded by
a qualified service person in accordance
with local codes. Installation instructions
are included in this manual for reference.
Refer to the installation sections for
detailed grounding procedures. If the
dryer is moved to a new location, have
it checked and reinstalled by a qualified
service professional.
• To prevent personal injury or damage
to the dryer, the electrical power cord
of a gas dryer must be plugged into a
properly grounded and polarized 3-prong
outlet. The third grounding prong must
never be removed. Never ground the
dryer to a gas pipe. DO NOT use an
extension cord or an adaptor plug.
• ALWAYS disconnect the dryer from the
electrical supply before attempting any
service or cleaning. Failure to do so can
result in electrical shock or injury.
• DO NOT use any type of spray cleanser
when cleaning dryer interior. Hazardous
fumes or electrical shock could occur.
• To prevent injury, DO NOT reach into the
dryer if the drum is moving. Wait until
the dryer has stopped completely before
reaching into the drum.
Prevent injury and damage to the
• All repairs and servicing must be
performed by an authorized service
provider unless specifically recommended
in this Use & Care Guide . Use only
authorized factory parts.
• DO NOT tamper with controls.
• DO NOT sit on, step on or stand on the
dryer. DO NOT rest heavy loads on top.
The dryer is not meant to support weight.
• DO NOT install or store the dryer where
it will be exposed to water and/or to the

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Table of Contents

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