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Electrolux 300 Series Use & Care Manual page 35

Front load dryer
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Table of Contents
For step-by-step instructions cleaning
the lint filter, refer to Cleaning the Filter in
the Care and Cleaning section of this Use
& Care Guide.
Optional drying rack
(not included)
Use the drying rack for items which should
not be tumble dried. Extend the collapsed
drying rack and insert the rack into the
dryer drum. Place the front legs into the
front air grill and lower the rear of the rack
onto the back of the dryer drum.
Place items to be dried on top of the rack,
leaving space between items and not
allowing them to hang over the sides or
through the holes. The weight should not
exceed 10 lbs (4.5 kg).
Select the air dry setting for items con-
taining plastic, foam rubber, rubber-like
materials, feathers or down. When items
are dry, remove the rack and store it in a
convenient location.
The drying rack accessory should only
be used with time dry cycles. Use of
rack with auto dry cycles will result in
a shortened cycle with unwanted drying
Assemble the drying rack
If rack is in separate pieces, press tabs
down and insert rear into front.
Insert rack until
tabs click.
After use, press
tabs down and
collapse rack for
Controls and Settings
Install the drying rack
Front legs in
side of grill
Rear legs
on drum
Installing drying rack
of dryer

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Table of Contents

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