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Other Features - Electrolux 300 Series Use & Care Manual

Front load dryer
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34 Controls and Settings
during off-peak energy hours. The start of
any cycle can be delayed for 30 minutes to
12 hours. After selecting the delay time op-
tion, use the cycle button (models 300/400)
or the cycle selector (models 400/500) to
scroll to the desired delay time and press
start. The delay time icon will illuminate
on the LED display to indicate the delay
time option is activated, The delay time
will begin counting down on the LED display
once activated.
While counting down during delay time,
you will notice your dryer periodically
tumbling for a few minutes without heat
to redistribute the load, maximizing load
control lock
To lock the controls between cycles,
scroll to the control lock option and
press select. The control lock icon
will show on the LED display. To unlock the
controls scroll to the control lock option again
and press select. Use this feature to reduce
the likelihood of accidental operation by
children. Dryer cycles will not run when
Control Lock is activated.
A signal will sound at the end of the cycle
(and periodically during extended tumble
or wrinkle release). To mute or unmute
the chime, press and hold the select
button for 3 seconds.
Muting the end of cycle signal will not
mute the button tones.
hold 'select' 3 s to mute/unmute

Other features

LED display
Icons may vary according to model.
The estimated cycle time for auto dry,
the actual time for time dry, or the delay
time countdown will be displayed when
the cycle is selected. Once the cycle has
started, the estimated remaining time
will be displayed for the remainder of the
As the dryer progresses through the cycle
phases, the row of cycle phase indicators
lights up under the cycle time.
Delay time, eco, control lock, mute
icons (select models) and CLEAN LINT
will also appear on this LED display when
Drum light (on select models)
The drum light will come on whenever
the door is opened to illuminate the drum
during loading and unloading. Closing the
door turns off the light. The drum light will
automatically turn off if the door is left open
more than 3 minutes.
Reversible door
The dryer is equipped with a reversible
door. The door can be hinged on the right
or left side.
For step-by-step instructions on door
reversal, refer to the installation sections
of this manual.
Lint Shield filter
The dryer is equipped with a clamshell
style LuxCare
Lint Shield filter.
Clean the filter after every load. A
CLEAN LINT message will appear on
the LED display at the end of the cycle
to remind you to remove the lint from
the filter.

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Table of Contents

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