Prevent Fire - Electrolux 300 Series Use & Care Manual

Front load dryer
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This is the safety alert symbol. It is
used to alert you to potential personal
injury hazards. Obey all safety messages
that follow this symbol to avoid possible
injury or death.
DANGER indicates an imminently
hazardous situation which, if not
avoided, will result in death or serious
WARNING indicates a potentially
hazardous situation which, if not
avoided, could result in death or serious
CAUTION indicates a potentially
hazardous situation which, if not
avoided, may result in minor or
moderate injury.
Indicates installation, operation, or
maintenance information which is
important but not hazard-related.
To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock,
or injury to persons when using this
dryer, comply with the basic warnings
listed below. Failure to comply with the
Important Safety Instruction warnings
could result in property damage, serious
personal injury, or death.

Prevent fire

• DO NOT dry items that have been
previously cleaned in, soaked in, or
spotted with gasoline, cleaning solvents,
kerosene, waxes, or other flammable or
explosive substances. DO NOT store
these items on or near the dryer. These
substances give off vapors that could
ignite or explode.
Important Safety Information
• DO NOT place items exposed to cooking
oils in your dryer. Items contaminated
with cooking oils may contribute to a
chemical reaction that could cause a load
to catch fire. To reduce the risk of fire
due to contaminated loads, the final part
of a tumble dryer cycle occurs without
heat (cool down period). Avoid stopping
a tumble dryer before the end of the
drying cycle unless all items are quickly
removed and spread out so that the heat
is dissipated.
• DO NOT dry articles containing rubber,
plastic or similar materials such as
bras, galoshes, bath mats, rugs, bibs,
baby pants, plastic bags and pillows
that may melt or burn. Some rubber
materials, when heated, can under
certain circumstances produce fire by
spontaneous combustion.
• DO NOT operate the dryer if the lint
screen is blocked, damaged or missing.
Fire hazard, overheating and damage to
fabrics can occur.
• DO NOT obstruct the flow of ventilating
air. DO NOT stack or place laundry or
throw rugs against the front or back of
the dryer.
Clean the lint screen before or after each
load. The interior of the dryer, lint
screen housing and exhaust duct
should be cleaned approximately
every 18 months by qualified service
professional. An excessive amount of
lint build-up in these areas could result
in inefficient drying and possible fire. See
Care and Cleaning .
A clothes dryer produces combustible
lint. The dryer must be connected to an
outdoor exhaust. Regularly inspect the
outdoor exhaust opening and remove
any accumulation of lint around the
opening and in the surrounding area.
• DO NOT spray any type of aerosol into,
on or near dryer at any time.

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Table of Contents

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