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Date And Time - Motorola IT.6XC Series Manual

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Note that new batteries do not reach their full capacity until they have been put to normal
use for several days.
To keep your battery in the best condition, leave the handset off the base for a few hours
at a time.
Running the battery right down at least once a week will help them last as long as
The charge capacity of the rechargeable battery will reduce with time as it wears out,
giving the handset less talk / standby time. Eventually it will need to be replaced, please
contact customer service helpline found in this user guide.
After charging your handset for the first time, subsequent charging time is about 6–8 hours
a day. The handset may become warm during charging. This is normal.
All talk and standby times are approximate and depend on features selected and usage

Date and time

If you have subscribed to a Caller ID Service and Auto Clock is set to on (see page 26), the
date and time is set automatically for all handsets when you receive your first call. If Auto
Clock is set to off the time and date does not set automatically.
If you do not have a Caller ID service, you can set the date and time manually.
1. Press Menu, scroll
2. Display shows
Date &
3. Enter the date using the format DD-MM-YY e.g. 04/12/16 for 4 December 2016 and
press OK.
4. Enter the time using the 24 hour format HH:MM, e.g. 14:45 for 02.45pm and press OK.
5. Press
to return to standby.
Your IT.6XC is now ready for use.
Getting started
and press OK.
Time, then press OK.



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