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Handset Display; Display Icons - Motorola IT.6XC Series Manual

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Handset display

Display icons

Steady when the handset is registered and within range of the base. Disappears
when the handset is out of range of the base.
Eco mode is on.
Flashes when you have new missed calls.
When viewng the call list it indicates you are viewing a missed call.
Handset ringer is off.
Phone is in silent mode.
On when the line is in use.
Flashes when there is an incoming call.
Indicates when viewing an outgoing call.
Indicates when viewing a received call.
Silent mode is set to on.
Indicates a blocked call.
Flashes when you have new voicemail messages.
Steady when there are old voicemail messages.
Off when you have no voicemail messages.
The alarm clock has been set.
Hands-free mode is activated.
The approximate power levels of your battery are indicated as below:
Battery is fully charged.
Battery is partially charged.
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