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Motorola IT.6.2T Quick Start Manual

Digital cordless telephone with answering machine mobile connectivity with bluetooth wireless technology
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Digital Cordless Telephone with Answering Machine
Mobile Connectivity with Bluetooth ® Wireless
IT.6T Quick Start Guide
For IT.6.1T, IT.6.2T, IT.6.3T and IT.6.4T
This Quick Start Guide provides all the information
you need to get you started. If you need more detailed
instructions, please refer to the full user guide available
in the giftbox.
Alternatively, contact Customer Services on:
0800 0820750.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 5:30pm
/Sat: 9:00am - 2:00pm.
Getting started
Push down
Line up hooks
on the back
cover with the
slots on the
Step 5. Set the date and time:
• Press Menu, scroll to
Date & Time
and press OK.
Step 4. Removing the battery
Enter Date
is highlighted. Press OK.
If you have purchased an IT.6T with
• Enter the date using the format
extra colour covers or have purchased
the covers separately you will need
DD-MM-YYYY e.g. 04-08-2015
to remove the original cover to then
for 4 August 2015 and press OK.
replace with the new cover.
• Scroll down to
Enter Time
• To remove the cover push down
press OK.
and slide the cover off.
• Enter the time (hh:mm) and
• To replace the cover, line up the
press OK.
hooks on the cover with the slots
If the current time format setting
in the back of the handset and
is 12 hour, press
to select
slide up until it is in place.
or pm.
Box Contents
IT.6T handset
Telephone line cord
Mains power adaptor for
the base
Phonebook / Scroll up
/ Volume up
In standby mode, press to
open phonebook menu.
Scroll up through lists and
Increase the earpiece and
hands-free volume.
When the phone is ringing,
press to increase the
handset ringer volume.
Menu / OK / Left
In standby mode, press to
open the Menu.
Press to select menu
options and to confirm a
displayed option.
Scroll Left
Scroll left though the menu.
Moves the cursor to the left
during editing.
Talk / Recall
Make or answer a call.
Use recall (R) functions.
* / Intercom
Dial a *.
Press to make an internal
Activate and deactivate
hands-free during a call.
Space / Key lock
Press to inset a space in text
/ number editing
Press and hold to lock /
unlock the keypad.
During a call, press to turn
mute on / off.
If you have purchased a multi pack
you will also have the following
additional items:
1 x Additional handset
and charger.
1 x Mains power
adaptor for charger.
2 x Additional handset
and charger.
2 x Mains power
IT.6T base
adaptor for charger.
3 x Additional handset
and charger.
3 x Mains power
adaptor for charger.
Only use the telephone line cord
supplied. This equipment is not
designed for making emergency
telephone calls when the power
fails. Alternative arrangements
should be made for access to
emergency services.
Warning! You cannot access the
battery in the handset.
icon flashes on the display
and you hear a warning beep every
minute during a call, you will need
to recharge the handset before you
Display icons
Redial / Clear / Right
Steady when the handset is registered and within range of
the base. Flashes when handset is out of range or
In standby press to enter the
searching for the base.
redial list.
Press to delete text or
Displays when ECO mode is on.
Press and hold to delete
Displays when ECO PLUS is on.
all text.
Select the function displayed
Bluetooth function is activated.
on the handset screen
immediately above key.
Bluetooth headset is paired.
Scroll right
Displays when you have missed calls in the Calls list.
Scroll right though the
Handset ringer volume is Off.
Moves the cursor to the right
during editing.
Displays when in hands-free mode.
End call / Exit / Switch
Handset On / Off
Displays when Do Not Disturb is activated.
End the call.
Exit menu or operation.
Displays when the answering machine is on.
Press and hold to switch the
handset on / off.
Displays when you have new voicemails.
Calls List / Scroll down
The alarm clock has been set.
/ Volume down
In standby mode, press to go
to the Calls list and Answer
Some icons replace others along the top of the display depending which
machine menu.
Scroll down through lists and
function is activated.
Decrease the earpiece and
The approximate power levels of your battery are indicated as follows:
hands-free volume.
Battery is fully charged
When the phone is ringing,
press to decrease the
Battery is partially charged
handset ringer volume.
Battery is running low
# / Pause / Change
Flashes when the battery is almost fully discharged.
Press and hold to enter a
For this feature to work, you must subscribe to Caller ID Service from your
pause (P) when pre-dialling
network operator. A subscription fee may be payable.
or storing numbers.
Press to switch between
upper and lower case during
text editing.
Getting started
can use it again.
metre away from other electrical
appliances to avoid interference.
When charging,
icon will scroll
Putting it as high as possible
on the display.
ensures the best signal.
In ideal conditions, a fully charged
battery should give up to 7 hours
talk time or up to 100 hours standby
time on a single charge.
Note that the new battery does not
reach the full capacity until it has
been put to normal use for several
To keep the battery in the best
condition, leave the handset off the
base for a few hours at a time.
All talk and standby times are
The base station must be plugged
approximate and depend on
into the mains power at all times.
features selected and usage
Do not connect the telephone line
cord into the wall socket until the
handset is fully charged. Only use
Step 1. Set up the base
the power and telephone cables
• Plug the mains power cable into
supplied with the product.
the socket marked
on the
Step 2. Connect the charger
underside of the base and plug
(Multi packs only)
the other end into the mains
power wall socket.
• Plug the mains power cable
into the socket marked
• Switch on the power supply
the underside of the charger
and plug the other end into the
mains power wall socket.
Position the base at least 1
• Switch on the power supply.
Answering machine
The IT.6T answering machine records unanswered calls when it is
activated. It can store up to 59 messages within the maximum recording
time of 60 minutes. Each message can be up to 3 minutes long. Your
personalised outgoing messages can be up to 3 minutes long.
You can operate your answering machine from:
• the base.
• the handset.
• remotely, from another phone
Base control keys
Press to switch the answering machine on/off.
Press to play all stored messages.
Press to stop message playback.
Skip to the next message during message playback.
Press to skip back to previous message.
Delete current message during message playback.
Increase speaker volume during message playback.
Decrease speaker volume.
Lights up when Mobile 1 is connected via bluetooth.
Lights up when Mobile 2 is connected via bluetooth.
Socket to charge your mobile phone.
In standby, press to ring the handset(s).
Press and hold to enter registration mode when registering handsets.
(The page key can be found on the underside of the base).
Step 3. Charge the handset
• Place the handset on the base
and charge for at least 24
hours. When the handset is
fully charged, the
icon is
You cannot access the battery in
the handset. Do not attempt to
remove the battery, as you may
damage the phone. If you need
to replace the battery, contact
customer services.
When the handset is fully
charged, plug the telephone
line cord into the socket
on the underside of
the base and plug the other end
into the telephone wall socket.



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