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Motorola IT.6XC Series Manual page 11

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Hands-free activation can suddenly increase the volume in the earpiece to a very high
level. Make sure the handset is not too close to your ear.
F Talk / Recall
Make or answer a call.
Use recall (R) functions.
G * / Intercom / Pulse to tone dialling
Dial a *.
Press to make an internal call.
Press to switch from pulse dialling to tone dialling.
H Microphone
Redial / Clear / Back
Open the redial list.
Delete characters on the screen when entering names and numbers.
Go back to the previous menu level.
J Mute
During a call, press to turn mute on / off.
K End call / Exit / Switch handset on/off
End a call.
When in a menu, go back to standby mode.
Press and hold to switch handset off (when in standby) or on.
L Call list / Scroll down / Volume down
Press to enter the calls list.
Scroll down through lists and settings.
Decrease the earpiece volume.
M Pause / # / Change case
When dialling or storing a number, press and hold to enter a pause (P).
Dial a #.
When entering letters / editing, press and hold to change the case from Abc to abc or
ABC mode.
N Keypad lock / Space / 0
In standby mode press and hold to lock/unlock the keypad.
Press to inset a space in text.
Dial 0.
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