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Cleaning And Care - Electrolux EBR9804S User Manual

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Getting started
7. It is also possible to choose one of
the pre-programmed functions for
ice crushing, drink, soup or smoothie.
Press the button to start and the light
will indicate the program selected.
The blender will operate max for
120 seconds, or until the program is
finished. To stop manually, press any

Cleaning and Care

1. Quick cleaning: Pour warm water
into the carafe (A) (maximum 1.5L),
add a few drops of detergent. Mix
water and detergent by pressing
button once. Finally, remove
the carafe and rinse it under running
8. Boost Function: Press the
and hold it down for boosting, when
you need a short burst of power.
Smoothie Function: Press the
button once to get ice crushed and
the smoothie blended to the desired
consistency with the specific program.
The blender will stop automatically
when the preparation is ready.
2. Thorough cleaning of the motor
base (F) and interface: Switch the
blender o and unplug the power
cord. Wipe the motor base with a
damp cloth.
Warning! Never immerse the
motor base, plug, or cord in water or
any other uid.
9. Ice Crush Function: Press
to start the Ice Crush program. (For
best results, work in small batches.)
Drink Function: Press the
to mix a drink.
Soup Function: Press the
to mix soup.
Caution! Never run the blender
empty. When processing hot liquids,
see step 5.
3. Thorough cleaning of the carafe (A):
Note! The blade assembly (E) is not
removable. Remove the lid (C) and
measuring cup (D). Rinse the carafe,
the lid and the measuring cup in
water and detergent before placing
them in the dishwasher for thorough
Caution! Handle carefully, the
blades are very sharp!


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