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Getting Started - Electrolux EBR9804S User Manual

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Getting started

1. Before using the blender for the
rst time, wash all parts except for
the motor base (F). The carafe (A) can
also be washed in dishwasher.
Caution! The blades are very sharp!
Note! The blade assembly (E) is not
4. Keep hands and utensils out of the
blending carafe (A) while blending.
After processing heavy loads, let the
appliance rest for 5 minutes before
next use.
Energy saving mode: If the
appliance is left inactive or is not
operating for 3 minutes, it will
automatically switch o .
2. Place the blender carafe (A) with
the handle towards the front, onto
the motor base (F) (The carafe can
only be placed in one position).
Put the ingredients in the carafe.
(Do not exceed the maximum
level as indicated on the carafe.)
5. Processing hot liquids: We
recommend to allow hot liquids to cool
down (max 90 °C) before filling the
carafe (A). Fill the carafe only half full
and start processing on low speed.
The blender carafe can become very
warm – take care to protect your hands
and to ventilate steam out through the
filler hole.
Always replace the lid (C) before use.
3. Close the lid (C) and insert the
measuring cup (D) in the filler hole
and lock into position. (You can use
the measuring cup to add ingredients
while the blender is running. Close
the filler hole immediately after, to
avoid splashing.)
Caution! Never run the blender
6. Start the blender: Plug the power
cord into mains socket. Press the
button, the LED light illuminate
and the display (L) becomes visible.
Press the 1 (Low), 2 (Medium) or 3
(High) button, to select the desired
processing speed.


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