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Installation - Kenwood CK 235 C SL Instructions For Use And Installation Advice

Ceramic cooker with electric double oven
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The installation conditions, concerning protection against overheating of the surfaces
adjacent to the cooker, must conform to fig. 7.1.
The appliance must be kept no less than 50 mm away from any side wall which exceeds
the height of the hob surface (fig. 7.1).
The appliance must be housed in heat resistant units .
The veneered syntetical material and the glue used must be resistant to a temperature of
90°C in order to avoid ungluing or deformations .
Curtains must not be fitted immediatly behind appliance or within 500 mm of the sides.
If the cooker is located on a pedestal it is necessary to provide safety measures to prevent
falling out .
The appliance must be housed in heat resistant units.
The walls of the units must not be higher than work top and must be capable of
of 75 °C above room
Do not instal the appliance
materials (eg. curtains).
The cooker is equipped with 4 levelling
feet which must be fitted to the base of the
cooker in the following manner:
Place the cooker on its back as shown
in the figure 9.2.
Screw the 4 leveling feet to the cooker .
Stand the cooker and levelling it by
screwing or unscrewing the feet with
a spanner .
Fig. 9.1
Fig. 9.2



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