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Operating The Handset; Switch The Handset On And Off; Lock/Unlock The Keypad; Changing The Receiver/Handsfree Volume - Gigaset E290HX User Manual

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Operating the handset

Operating the handset

Switch the handset on and off

Switching on:
Switching off:
When you place a switched off handset into the base or charging cradle,
it switches itself on automatically.

Lock/unlock the keypad

The keypad lock prevents any accidental use of the phone.
Lock/unlock the keypad:
Keypad lock enabled: The
If a call is indicated on the handset, the keypad automatically unlocks
and you can accept the call. It then locks again when the call is
It is also not possible to call emergency numbers when keypad lock
is enabled.

Changing the receiver/handsfree volume

During a call, adjust the volume for receiver or speaker (5 levels + extra loud
Press the control key
setting is displayed
(= louder) /
Extra loud function (Boost)
Keep pressing the control key
highest level is reached
Press and hold the control key
enabled immediately
The extra loud setting only applies for the duration of the call.
When the handset is switched off, press and hold the End
call key
When the handset is in idle mode, press and hold the End
call key
Press and hold
symbol is shown on the display
at the top . . . the current
(= quieter)
Availability and operation of the functions
may differ on your telephone.
at the top until the
at the top . . . the extra loud function is