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Calling Line Identification; Automatic Network Provider Selection (Preselection) (If Available) - Gigaset E290HX User Manual

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Making calls

Calling Line Identification

During a call, the caller's number is transferred (CLI = Calling Line Identifica-
tion) and can be displayed on the recipient's display (CLIP = CLI Presentation).
When the caller's number is withheld, it is not show on the called party's
display. The call is made anonymously (CLIR = CLI Restriction).
You have authorised your network provider to show the number of
the caller (CLIP) on your display.
The caller has authorised the network provider to send the phone
number (CLI).
Caller display for incoming calls
Calling Line Identification
The caller's phone number is displayed. If the caller's number is saved in the
directory, the name is displayed.
No Calling Line Identification
Instead of name and number, the following is displayed:
External Call: No number is transferred.
Withheld: Caller has withheld Calling Line Identification.
Unavailable: Caller has not authorised Calling Line Identification.
Automatic network provider selection (preselection)
(if available)
(depending on the base)
You can store a Call-by-Call number (preselection number), which automat-
ically prefixes the number you dial. If you want to make calls abroad through
a particular network provider for example, you can store its prefix here.
In the With Preselect list, enter the (initial digits of the) prefix numbers for
which you want to use the preselection number.
In the Without Presel. list, enter the exceptions to the With Preselect list.
Availability and operation of the functions
may differ on your telephone.