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Gigaset E310 Manual

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By purchasing a Gigaset, you have chosen a brand that is fully committed
to sustainability. This product's packaging is eco-friendly!
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  Summary of Contents for Gigaset E310

  • Page 1 Congratulations By purchasing a Gigaset, you have chosen a brand that is fully committed to sustainability. This product’s packaging is eco-friendly! To learn more, visit
  • Page 3: Overview Of Handset

    Overview of handset Overview of handset 1 Display in idle status (¢ page 17) 2 Display keys (¢ page 4) 3 Control key (¢ page 5) 4 Talk/speaker key Accept call; start dialling; toggle between earpiece and speaker mode (¢ page 27); Lights up: speaker mode activated;...
  • Page 4: Overview Of Gigaset E310A Base

    You can use the keys on the base to 3 Volume keys: (– = quieter; + = louder.) operate the integrated answering During message playback: adjust machine (Gigaset E310 A only), the speaking volume. search for handsets ("paging" While phone is ringing: adjust ¢...
  • Page 5: Icons And Keys

    Icons and keys Icons and keys Display icons The display depends on the phone's settings and operating status. Signal strength ¨ (¢ page 41) or Eco Mode+ icon ½ (¢ page 41) Keypad locked (¢ page 20) Ringer melody switched off (¢ page 48) Answering machine activated (E310A only) Batteries are charged (¢...
  • Page 6: Main Menu Icons

    Icons and keys Main menu icons é ç Alarm Clock ê Settings Voice Mail ç Settings Back For information on using the menu and the menu tree, see page 19 and page 23. Display keys The functions of the display keys change depending on the particu- lar operating situation.
  • Page 7: Control Key

    Icons and keys Control key In the description below, the side of the control key (up, down, right, left) that you have to press in the different operating situations is marked in black e.g., v for "press the right edge of the control key". The control key has a number of different functions: When the handset is in idle status Open the main menu.
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    Overview of Gigaset E310A base ......2 Overview of Gigaset E310 base ......2 Icons and keys .
  • Page 9 Redial list ........... . . 30 Answering machine list (Gigaset E310A only) ....31 Network mailbox list .
  • Page 10 Accessories ..........65 Mounting the E310 base on the wall ......66 Mounting the charger on the wall .
  • Page 11: Safety Precautions

    Otherwise you risk serious and permanent damage to your hear- ing. Your Gigaset is compatible with the majority of digital hearing aids on the market. However, perfect function with all hearing aids cannot be guaranteed. The handset may cause interference in analogue hearing aids. If you require assist- ance, please contact your hearing aid supplier.
  • Page 12: First Steps

    +5°C to +45°C. ¤ Set up the base at a central point in the building on a level, non- slip surface or mount the base (Gigaset E310 only) and charger on the wall (¢ page 66). Please note Pay attention to the range of the base.
  • Page 13: Connecting The Base

    First steps Connecting the base ¤ First, connect Gigaset E310 Gigaset E310A telephone jack ¤ Then connect the power adapter insert the cables into the cable ducts. Please note: u The power adapter must always be connected, as the phone will not operate without a mains connection.
  • Page 14: Setting Up The Handset For Use

    Inserting the batteries and closing the battery cover Warning Use only rechargeable batteries (¢ page 62) recommended by Gigaset Communications GmbH i.e., never use a conventional (non-rechargeable) battery, as this could result in significant health risks and personal injury. For example, the outer casing of the batteries could be damaged or the batteries could explode.
  • Page 15 ¤ Charge the handset in the base for 7.5 hours. Please note The handset must only be placed in the designated Gigaset E310/E310A base or the corresponding charger. ¤ After charging, remove the handset from the base and only replace it when the batteries are fully discharged.
  • Page 16: Changing The Display Language

    First steps Changing the display language Change the display language if you do not understand the language currently set. ‘ Menu ¤ Press the right-hand display key. ¤ Press keys L4 slowly one after the other. The display for setting languages English appears and the current language ‰...
  • Page 17: Setting The Date/Time

    First steps Setting the date/time Set the date and time so that the correct date and time can be assigned to incoming calls, and so that the alarm can be used. Please note Depending on your network provider, the date and time may be displayed automatically.
  • Page 18 First steps Back ¤ Press the key below §OK § on the display screen to confirm your entry. ¤ Enter the hours and minutes as Enter Time: four-digit numbers via the keypad e.g., QM15 for 7.15 a.m. [07:15] If necessary, use the control key to swap between fields.
  • Page 19 First steps Please note If your phone receives the date and time during calling line dis- play (e.g., via your network provider, a router or PABXs), you can specify whether this data should be copied to your phone: ¤ Press the following keys in sequence: v ¤...
  • Page 20: What Would You Like To Do Next

    Customer Care team (¢ page 53). What would you like to do next? Now that you have successfully set up your Gigaset, you can imme- diately start calling – or you can adapt it to your personal require- ments.
  • Page 21: Using The Phone

    Using the phone Using the phone Menu guidance Your telephone's functions are accessed via a menu consisting of several levels (menu overview ¢ page 23). Main menu (first menu level) ¤ When the handset is in idle status, press the display key §Menu§...
  • Page 22: Keys On The Keypad

    Using the phone Returning to idle status Ð From any point in the menu: Ã ¤ Press and hold the end call key a or INT 1 ¤ Do not press any key: after 2 minutes, 23.04. 10:53 the display will automatically revert to ‘...
  • Page 23: Understanding The Operating Steps

    Understanding the operating steps Understanding the operating steps An example of a procedure is as follows: ¤ q Settings ¤ ¤ q Telephony ¤ §Menu§ §OK §OK ¤ q Auto Answer ¤ §OK (‰ = on) This means you should proceed as follows: Please note Scroll upwards if you wish to select one of the last entries in a menu level with numerous entries.
  • Page 24 Understanding the operating steps Telephony: ... the menu entry Telephony Telephony appears on the screen. Back ¤ §OK §OK Press the key below on the display screen to open the sub- menu. ¤ q: Press up or down on the control key until ...
  • Page 25: Menu Tree

    Menu tree Menu tree §Menu§ If you press the display key in idle status, a list appears with menu entries. You can scroll through the list by pressing q. é Alarm Clock ê Voice Mail ç Settings Some of these menu entries contain submenus. The page numbers refer to the relevant description in the user guide.
  • Page 26 Menu tree ¢ page 38 Ring Delay * Immediately ¢ page 38 10 sec ¢ page 38 18 sec ¢ page 38 30 sec ¢ page 38 Auto ¢ page 40 Network Mailbox ¢ page 35 Set Key 1 * Answer Machine ¢...
  • Page 27 Menu tree Display Screensaver ¢ page 46 Contrast ¢ page 46 Backlight In Charger ¢ page 46 Out of Charger ¢ page 45 Language ¢ page 43 Registration Register Handset ¢ page 43 De-register Hand- ¢ page 46 Telephony Auto Answer ¢...
  • Page 28: Making Calls

    Making calls Making calls a call automatically when you lift it out of the base. When the display backlight is If the ringer is intrusive, press ¤ Silent ¤ switched off, pressing any key will §Menu§ §OK§ activate the backlight. The relevant You can accept the call as long as it is key function is performed.
  • Page 29: Notes On Phone Number Display (Clip)

    PABX or a router with an inte- Additional information on this sub- grated PABX (gateway) that does ject can be found on the Gigaset not transmit all information. website at: Is your telephone connected via a...
  • Page 30: Muting

    During a call and when listening You can store numbers and the asso- to the answering machine ciated names in the directory. With (Gigaset E310A only), activate or the handset in idle status, open the deactivate speaker mode. directory by pressing the s control If you wish to place the handset in key.
  • Page 31 Using the directory and lists Order of directory entries VIP Caller Melody Æ Mark a directory entry as a VIP The directory entries are sorted in (Very Important Person) by alphabetical order. Spaces and dig- assigning a specific ringtone to it. its take first priority.
  • Page 32: Redial List

    ¤ q Copy to Directory ¤ Delete Entry §Menu§ §OK Delete selected entry. ¤ Complete the entry (¢ page 28). Delete List The message playback is inter- Delete all entries. rupted while numbers are copied from the answering machine list (Gigaset E310A only).
  • Page 33: Answering Machine List (Gigaset E310A Only)

    – Old Call: Entry already read. answering machine – Call recv.: Call was answered. (Gigaset E310A only) – Answer M (Gigaset A510A): the Setting the call list type answering machine accepted ¤ q Settings ¤ the call. A message was left.
  • Page 34: Opening Lists

    In the Without Preselection list, while in idle status: enter the exceptions to the With Icon New message ... Preselection list. Ã ... in the answering machine list (Gigaset A510A only) or on the network mailbox ™ ... in the missed calls list...
  • Page 35 Automatic network provider preselection Examples: Saving or editing entries in preselection lists Preselection Number 0999 Each of the two lists can contain With Preselection 11 entries with 4 digits. Without Preselection Depending on the country, num- bers may be preset in the With Pre- selection list.
  • Page 36: Operating The Answering Machine

    Operating the answering machine Operating the Recording a personal announcement answering machine ¤ q Voice Mail ¤ §Menu§ §OK§ You can operate the (integrated) ¤ q Announcements ¤ §OK§ answering machine ¤ q Record Announcement ¤ u Via the handset or §OK§...
  • Page 37: Playing Back Messages

    Operating the answering machine Playing back an announcement The list is displayed as follows: ¤ q Voice Mail ¤ Answ. Mach.: §Menu§ §OK§ ¤ q Announcements ¤ 01+02 §OK§ ¤ q Play Announcement ¤ §OK§ Number of new messages + number of old, played back messages.
  • Page 38: Accepting A Call From The Answering Machine

    Operating the answering machine The status of the call, the callers Additional functions during number or the callers name and the message playback date/time of the call is displayed. §Menu§ Press the display key. Play- back stops. Stopping and controlling Select the relevant function playback using q:...
  • Page 39: Activating/Deactivating Call Screening

    Operating the answering machine u removing the handset from the Deactivating call screening on base/charger (if auto answer is the handset for the current activated, ¢ page 46) recording Please note Press the end call key. The If Call Screening is activated via loudspeaker on the hand- the handset and the call can set is deactivated.
  • Page 40: Setting Up The Answering Machine

    Operating the answering machine §End§ Press the display key to Setting the message length stop two-way record. You can set a maximum message The maximum recording time length. depends on the memory available You can choose: 1 Minute, on the answering machine. If the 2 Minutes, 3 Minutes or Unlimited.
  • Page 41: Operating When On The Move (Remote Operation)

    Operating the answering machine Operating when on the Operating the answering machine via the keypad move (remote operation) The answering machine is operated using the following keys: You can check your answering A During the number/date/time machine from any other telephone (hotel, pay phone etc.).
  • Page 42: Using The Network Mailbox

    Using the network mailbox Using the network Please note Enter the network mailbox phone mailbox number into your directory along with the designation "Network The network mailbox is the answer- mailbox"; the display and the ing machine in your provider's tele- calls list will then show this desig- phone network.
  • Page 43: Eco Dect

    ECO DECT Gigaset E310: The network mail- You can reduce the radiation from box is preconfigured for fast the handset and the base even more access. by using Eco Mode: Gigaset E310A: The integrated Eco Mode answering machine is preconfig- Reduces the radiation of the base ured for fast access.
  • Page 44: Using The Handset As An Alarm Clock

    Using the handset as an alarm clock Status displays Using the handset as an alarm clock Display icon Reception strength: Ð ¨ § ¦ Activating/deactivating the alarm – Good to poor ¥ clock – No reception ½ Prerequisite: Eco Mode+ enabled The time is set (¢...
  • Page 45: Using Multiple Handsets

    Using multiple handsets Using multiple Registering other handsets handsets You can register other Gigaset hand- sets and handsets for other devices with GAP functionality as follows. Registering handsets 1) On the handset ¤ Start to register the handset as You can register up to four handsets described in its user guide.
  • Page 46: Locating A Handset ("Paging")

    Using multiple handsets Locating a handset Ending listening in: Press the end call key a on the ("paging") handset; all participants hear a signal tone. You can locate your handset using the base. If the first internal participant presses the end call key a, the ¤...
  • Page 47: Setting The Handset

    Setting the handset Accepting an internal call Accepting a waiting call Your telephone rings and the inter- If you receive an external call while nal number of the caller appears in conducting an internal call, you will the display (e.g. INT 2). hear the call waiting tone (short Press the talk key c, to take the call.
  • Page 48: Setting The Calender Type

    Setting the handset Setting the calender type Backlight Depending on whether or not the You can use the gregorian or the handset is in the charger, you can persian calendar type. activate or deactivate the back- ¤ q Settings ¤ §OK§...
  • Page 49: Changing The Speaker/Earpiece Volume

    Setting the handset Changing the speaker/ You can also set different ringer mel- odies for the following functions: earpiece volume u External Calls u Internal Calls You can set the volume for speaker u Alarm Clock mode and earpiece mode to five dif- ferent levels.
  • Page 50: Advisory/Warning Tones

    Setting the handset For external calls: Activating/deactivating the ringer In idle status: t ¤ q Ringtones (Handset) You can: ¤ q External Calls ¤ ¤ u Permanently deactivate the §OK§ §OK§ q can be used for the following: ringer in idle status or when receiving a call Melodies u Deactivate the ringer for the cur-...
  • Page 51: Restoring The Handset Default Settings

    – Menu end tone: When scroll- Changing the ringers for ing at the end of a menu. the Gigaset E310A base u Battery Low u Volume: The battery needs charging. The menu end tone when scrolling Five volume levels (1–5), "Off"...
  • Page 52: Repeater Support

    PIN known only to yourself. repeater. You will need to activate Gigaset E310A: Setting a system PIN repeater mode. This will terminate enables remote operation of the any calls that are in progress at the answering machine (¢...
  • Page 53: Operating The Base On The Pabx

    Operating the base on the PABX Resetting the base via the menu Operating the base on the PABX When resetting via the menu u Handsets are still registered u The system PIN is not reset. The following settings are only nec- ¤...
  • Page 54 Operating the base on the PABX Changing the pause after line seizure You can set the length of the pause inserted between pressing the talk key c and transmitting the phone number. ¤ P#Q5#1O §Menu§ ¤ Enter digit for the current pause length: 1 = 1 second 2 = 3 seconds...
  • Page 55: Customer Service & Assistance

    Customer Service & Assistance Customer Service & Assistance Do you have any questions? As a Gigaset customer, you can find help quickly in this User Manual and in the service section of our Gigaset online portal In our constantly updated online service you can find:...
  • Page 56 Mexico Bulgaria ....+359 2 9710666 . . . 01800 999 4442738 (01800 999 GIGASET) (0.50 евро на минута от всички държави за Netherlands ....0900-3333102 стационарни...
  • Page 57: Manufacturer Warranty (Middle East)

    Manufacturer warranty (Middle East) Manufacturer warranty (Middle East) On the purchase of your new Gigaset product, we guarantee that this equip- ment is a genuie manufacturer’s product and extend the following warranty: We guarantee this product against manufacturing defects for two full years from the date of purchase, unless specified otherwise.
  • Page 58 Manufacturer warranty (Middle East)
  • Page 59: Service Centres (Midde East)

    Service Centres (Midde East) Service Centres (Midde Fax: +968-791013 E-mail: East) Qatar Modern Home, 51-East - Salwa Road, Customer Service Hotline UAE Al-Maha Complex, Doha TEL: 00971-4-4458255 / 00971-4-4458254 Tel: 00974-4257844 / 00974-4257777 Service Collection Point Fax: 00974-4314700 Bahrain KARAMA Authorized Service Center,...
  • Page 60: Questions And Answers

    (¢ page 43). If you have any questions about the The handset does not ring. use of your phone, you can contact us at The ringer melody is deactivated. for assistance 24/7. ¤ Activate the ringer melody In addition, the following table pro- (¢...
  • Page 61 Service Centres (Midde East) You cannot hear a ringer/dialling Error tone sounds after system PIN tone from the fixed line. prompt. The phone cord supplied has not You have entered the wrong system been used or has been replaced by PIN.
  • Page 62: Authorisation

    During remote operation the taken into consideration. answering machine does not respond to key 9. We, Gigaset Communications GmbH, declare that this device meets the essential requirements and other relevant regulations The system PIN is still set to 0000. ¤ Set the system PIN to something laid down in Directive 1999/5/EC.
  • Page 63: Appendix

    For further information on dispos- Environmental management ing of your used equipment, please system contact your local authority or your refuse collection service. Gigaset Communica- tions GmbH is certi- fied pursuant to the Appendix international stand- ards EN 14001 and ISO 9001.
  • Page 64: Specifications

    FAQ sec- Your handset can charge batteries tion of the Gigaset Customer Care up to a capacity of 1000 mAh. Using pages is updated regularly: special high-performance batteries or batteries with high capacities is
  • Page 65: Writing And Editing Names

    Appendix General specifications Pin connections on the telephone jack DECT standard Supported 1 unused GAP standard Supported 2 unused No. of channels 60 duplex channels Radio frequency 1881MHz- 5 unused range 1897MHz 6 unused Duplex method Time multiplex, 10 ms frame length Writing and editing Repeat frequency 100 Hz...
  • Page 66 Appendix Writing names Persian 1x 2x 3x 4x 5x 6x 7x 8x 9x 10x 11x 12x 13x 14x Enter the individual letters/charac- ters by pressing the corresponding a b c key. d e f Briefly press the key several times in g h i succession to select the required let- j k l...
  • Page 67: Accessories

    Talk/standby time of up to 20/240 hours u Standard batteries Gigaset repeater The Gigaset repeater can be used to increase the recep- tion range between your Gigaset handset and the base. Compatibility You can find more information about the handset functions in connection with the individual Gigaset bases at:
  • Page 68: Mounting The E310 Base On The Wall

    Mounting the E310 base on the wall Mounting the E310 base on the wall 29.6 mm approx. 7.9 mm Mounting the charger on the wall 21 mm approx. 3.5 mm...
  • Page 69: Index

    Index Index Accepting a call ..... 26 Calendar type ..... . . 46 Access protection .
  • Page 70: Fast Access

    Index Delete key ......4 Deleting Fast access announcement (ans. mach.) ..35 answering machine .
  • Page 71: Message Key

    Index Message key opening lists ..... . 32 Key click ......48 Message length (ans.
  • Page 72 Index Setting ......42 date ....... 15 Questions and answers .

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