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Call/Message Lists; Call List - Gigaset E290HX User Manual

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Call/message lists

Call/message lists
Information on events stored in lists on the base can be displayed on the
handset. Which events are collected depends on the base, such as:
Call list: Numbers of all incoming, outgoing and missed calls
Network mailbox list: Messages on the network mailbox
Answer machine list: Messages on the local answer machine (if available)
An advisory tone sounds as soon as a new entry appears on one of the lists.
The default is the Messages key
being shown on the display.

Call list

Prerequisite: CLIP
Opening the call list
Press and hold the Messages key
Call List
The entry shows: number of new entries + number of old,
read entries
Open list:
OK . . . The last incoming call is displayed
to scroll through the list
Using other functions (depending on the base)
Select entry
Delete Entry
Copy to Dir.
Copy to Blacklist Copy a number to the black list
Delete List
Delete current entry
Copy an entry to the directory
Show date and time of the call (if set)
New Call: New missed call. Old Call: Entry already read
Delete all entries
Note: All old and new entries are deleted
Availability and operation of the functions
may differ on your telephone.
flashing and message New messages
. . . The list selection is opened
to select the function:
CallsList 01+02