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Gigaset E365 Instructions Manual

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Issued by
Gigaset Communications GmbH
Schlavenhorst 66, D-46395 Bocholt
Gigaset Communications GmbH is a trademark licensee of Siemens AG
© Gigaset Communications GmbH 2008
All rights reserved.
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  Summary of Contents for Gigaset Gigaset E365

  • Page 1 Issued by Gigaset Communications GmbH Schlavenhorst 66, D-46395 Bocholt Gigaset Communications GmbH is a trademark licensee of Siemens AG © Gigaset Communications GmbH 2008 Gigaset All rights reserved. Subject to availability. Rights of modifications reserved. E365...
  • Page 2: The Handset At A Glance

    The handset at a glance The handset at a glance 1 Direct dialling keys (II to IV) 2 Display in idle status (example) 3 Battery charge level e V U (1/3 charged to fully charged) flashes: battery almost flat e V U flashes: battery charging 4 Display keys (page 16) 5 Control key (page 15)
  • Page 3: E365 Base Station At A Glance

    E365 base station at a glance E365 base station at a glance Index card Loudspeaker é õ Direct dialling/SOS key with Delete key: Delete the current message SOS LED (see page 18) during message playback or all old mes- ê ... ì sages in idle status.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Activating/deactivating the SMS Gigaset E365 ....6 function ......26 SOS mode .
  • Page 5 Contents Base station settings ..34 Changing the system PIN ..34 Changing ringtones ....35 Restoring the base station to factory settings .
  • Page 6: Safety Precautions

    Safety precautions Safety precautions Caution: Read the safety precautions and the user guide before use. Explain their contents to your children as well as the potential hazards associated with using the tel- ephone. Only use the mains adapter supplied, as indicated on the underside of the base station.
  • Page 7: Special Features Of The Gigaset E365

    (reverse side of user guide) SOS mode Your Gigaset E365 is equipped with a special SOS function or SOS procedure. You can use this SOS procedure to request assistance in case of emergency. You can store up to four SOS numbers.
  • Page 8 SOS mode SOS procedure The way the SOS procedure operates is described below. Press the SOS/direct dialling key é on the base station and the device dials immedi- ately. You have to press and hold the SOS/direct dialling key é on the handset to launch the function immediately.
  • Page 9: Gigaset E365 - More Than Just A Telephone

    Gigaset E365 – more than just a telephone Gigaset E365 – Installing the base station more than just a telephone The base is designed to be operated in enclosed, dry areas at temperatures rang- ing from +5 °C to +45 °C.
  • Page 10: Setting Up The Handset For Use

    * Gigaset Communications GmbH is a trademark licensee of Siemens AG. ¤ Fit the batteries with the correct polar- ity (see diagram).
  • Page 11 First steps Opening the battery cover ¤ Please note: If fitted, remove the belt clip. ¤ – Automatic registration is only possible if Reach into the housing cavity and pull the base station on which you wish to reg- the battery cover upwards. ister the handset is not being used to make a call.
  • Page 12 First steps Initial charging and discharging of Setting the date and time ¢ ¢ ¢ batteries Settings Date/Time §Menu§ §OK§ ¢ Battery charging is indicated in the top §OK§ right of the display by a flashing battery Enter the day, month and year icon e, V or U.
  • Page 13: Menu Tree

    Menu tree Menu tree There are two ways to select a function: Using number combinations ("shortcut") ¤ To open the main menu, press with the handset in idle status. §Menu§ ¤ Enter the number combination that is in front of the function in the menu tree. ¤...
  • Page 14 Menu tree Settings 6-1 Date/Time 6-2 Direct Diall. Keys 6-3 Language 6-4 Jumbo Font 6-5 Emergency Call Mode 6-6 Emergency Numbers 6-7 Handset 6-7-1 Screen Saver 6-7-2 Auto Answer 6-7-3 Register Handset 6-7-4 Reset Handset 6-8 Base 6-8-1 Audio Settings 6-8-1-1 Loud Speaker 6-8-1-2 Ringer Volume 6-8-1-3 Ringer Melody...
  • Page 15: Making Calls

    Making calls Making calls Calling line identification When you receive a call, the caller's number is displayed on the screen if the Making an external call/ following conditions are met: ending a call Your network provider supports CLIP, CLI: External calls are calls using the public tel- –...
  • Page 16: Handsfree Operation

    Operating the handset Handsfree operation Control key on the handset You can make calls immediately in hands- free mode (the d key lights up perma- nently) after entering the phone number by pressing the handsfree key d. Toggle between earpiece and handsfree mode during a call and when playing back 1 Control key the answering machine by pressing...
  • Page 17: Display Keys

    Operating the handset Display keys Menu guidance The current display functions are shown in Your telephone's functions are accessed the bottom display line. The functions of using a menu that has a number of levels. the display keys change depending on the particular operating situation.
  • Page 18: Using The Directory, Direct Dialling Keys And Lists

    Using the directory, direct dialling keys and lists Using the directory, direct Selecting a directory entry Open the directory. dialling keys and lists You have the following options: Use q to scroll to the entry until the A directory, last number redial list, SMS required name is selected.
  • Page 19: Direct Dialling And Sos Keys

    Using the directory, direct dialling keys and lists Direct dialling and SOS keys Sending the directory to another handset You can store particularly important Requirements: phone numbers, for example emergency numbers, under the 4 direct dialling The sending and receiving handsets keys.
  • Page 20 Using the directory, direct dialling keys and lists Using other functions announced automatically to the called user after pressing the SOS key. The The following functions can be selected ¢ announcement is played back for con- with §Menu§ firmation purposes and can be Delete Entry changed or deleted.
  • Page 21: Last Number Redial List

    Using the directory, direct dialling keys and lists Last number redial list Opening the message list with the display key The last number redial list contains the ten numbers last dialled with the handset ‘ You can use the display key (max.
  • Page 22 Using the directory, direct dialling keys and lists Calls list List entry Requirement: CLIP (page 14) Example of a list entry: The calls list contains New Call missed calls 1234567890 Depending on the list type selected, all §Back§ §Menu numbers of the last 20 missed calls are Status of entry stored.
  • Page 23: Automatic Network Provider Code (Preselection)

    Automatic network provider code (preselection) Automatic network provider Saving or editing entries in the preselection lists code (preselection) Each of the two lists can contain 11 entries with 4 digits. ¤ You can specify a call-by-call number Numbers may be prefixed according to (preselection number) which is automati- the country in the "With Preselect"...
  • Page 24: Sms (Text Messages)

    SMS (text messages) SMS (text messages) Writing/sending an SMS An SMS may contain up to 160 characters. Your unit is supplied ready for you to send text messages immediately. Writing/sending an SMS ¢ ¢ ¢ Write Message Requirements: §Menu§ §OK§ ¢...
  • Page 25: Receiving An Sms

    SMS (text messages) Receiving an SMS Reading or deleting SMS messages ¤ Open the draft message list. All received text messages are saved in the Select SMS. incoming message list. Since an SMS Press the display key. §Menu§ remains in the list even after it has been You have the following options: read, you should regularly delete SMS messages from the list.
  • Page 26: Setting Up The Sms Centre

    SMS (text messages) Setting up the SMS centre Reading or deleting SMS messages ¤ Open the incoming message list. Select SMS. Entering/changing SMS centres Press the display key. ¤ §Menu§ Before changing or entering a new You have the following options: service number, make sure to find out Read SMS about service offers and special fea-...
  • Page 27: Activating/Deactivating The Sms Function

    SMS (text messages) When you send SMS messages, your Self-help with errors sender number may be sent without The following table lists error situations your extension number. In this case the and possible causes and provides notes on recipient cannot reply to you directly. troubleshooting.
  • Page 28: Operating The Base Station Answering Machine

    Operating the base station answering machine Operating the base station Recording your own announcement ¢ ¢ Voice Mail answering machine §Menu§ §OK§ ¢ ¢ ¢ Announcements Record §OK§ ¢ ¢ Announce. Start recording? §OK§ ¢ You can operate the answering machine §OK§...
  • Page 29 Operating the base station answering machine Playing back messages Marking a message as new You can mark a message you have already The date and time of each message is heard as new again. logged (provided this has been set, During message playback: page 11).
  • Page 30: Activating/Deactivating Call Screening

    Operating the base station answering machine Activating/deactivating Please remember: You can set your telephone so that the call screening first ringtone is suppressed for all calls (page 33). This means that the time While a message is recording, you can lis- selected for call answering predetermines ten to it on the loudspeakers in the base how long the caller must wait before the...
  • Page 31: Using The Network Mailbox

    You can register up to four handsets on your base station. Using the network mailbox for Automatic registration Gigaset E36 on Gigaset E365, see page 10. setting speed dialling Manual registration Gigaset E36 on With speed dialling, you can direct dial...
  • Page 32: Locating A Handset ("Paging")

    Using several handsets Locating a handset ("Paging") Ending a call Press the end call key a on the handset or î the handsfree key on the base You can locate your handset using the base station. station. ¤ Press the registration/paging key ù on the base station (page 2) briefly.
  • Page 33: Listening In To An External Call

    Handset settings Handset settings Listening in to an external call You want to listen in to an existing exter- Your handset comes with default settings. nal call. You can change the individual settings. Requirement: The function Listening in must be activated. Changing the display language Activating/deactivating the function: ¢...
  • Page 34: Adjusting The Loudspeaker Volume

    Handset settings Adjusting the loudspeaker Setting ringer melody volume Set different ringer melodies for external calls, internal calls and the alarm clock. ¢ ¢ ¢ You can set the loudspeaker volume for Audio Settings Ringer §§Menu§ §OK§ ¢ ¢ handsfree talking and the earpiece vol- Melody External Calls §OK§...
  • Page 35: Using The Handset As An Alarm Clock

    Base station settings Restoring the handset default – Menu end tone: when scrolling at the end of a menu. settings Battery warning tone: The battery requires charging. You can reset any individual settings and You cannot deactivate the confirmation changes that you have made. This will not tone for placing the handset in the affect entries in the directory, calls list, or base station.
  • Page 36: Changing Ringtones

    Operating the base station on the PABX Changing ringtones nection (e.g. to play back the network mailbox), you have to switch temporarily to tone dialling. Volume: You can choose between five volumes, Requirement: You are currently conduct- see page 33. Select "0" to deactivate ing a call or have already dialled an exter- the ringtone on the base station.
  • Page 37: Appendix

    Appendix Appendix Contact with liquid If the handset has come into contact with liquid: Symbols and typographical 1. Switch off the handset and remove conventions used the battery pack immediately. 2. Allow the liquid to drain from the hand- This section explains the meaning of cer- set.
  • Page 38: Service (Customer Care)

    Appendix Service (Customer Care) is flashing in the display. Base 1. The handset is outside the range of the We offer you support that is fast and tai- base station. ¥ lored to your specific needs! Move the handset closer to the base. Our Online Support on the Internet can be 2.
  • Page 39: Authorisation

    Appendix Authorisation Handset operating times/charging times This device is intended for analogue The following information relates to bat- phone lines in the UK. teries with a capacity of 650mAh. Country-specific requirements have been taken into consideration. Standby time approx 165hours (7days) We, Gigaset Communications GmbH, Calling time approx.
  • Page 40: Guarantee Certificate United Kingdom

    Appendix Guarantee Certificate Kingdom the Guarantee is issued by: Gigaset Communications GmbH, Schla- United Kingdom venhorst 66, D-46395 Bocholt, Ger- many. Without prejudice to any claim the user Any other claims resulting out of or in (customer) may have in relation to the connection with the device shall be dealer or retailer, the customer shall be excluded from this Guarantee.
  • Page 41: Writing And Editing A Text Message

    Appendix Writing and editing a Order of directory entries text message The directory entries are usually sorted in alphabetical order. Spaces and digits take The following rules apply when writing a first priority. The sort order is as follows: 1. Space (shown here as s) text message: The cursor is controlled with t s.
  • Page 42: Accessories

    Accessories Accessories Gigaset E36 handset Upgrade your Gigaset to a cordless telephone system. Gigaset E36 handset Large keys, illuminated keypad Text and symbols are shown clearly in large type on the display Jumbo digits (uppercase) Direct dialling keys Compatibility with hearing aids (HAC) Handsfree operation Phonebook for around 100 entries SMS (prerequisite: CLIP available)
  • Page 43: Index

    Index Index Calling back caller ....Calling back from calls list ..Calling line identification ..Calls list .
  • Page 44 Index end call key ....handsfree key ....Earpiece volume .
  • Page 45 Index setting volume ... . suppressing ....Network mailbox ....Network provider code, automatic .
  • Page 46 Index Talk key ......Technical data ....Text message, see SMS Tone dialling .