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Call With Three Subscribers - Gigaset E290HX User Manual

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Call with three subscribers

(only on a CAT-iq router)
Accepting/rejecting Call Waiting
Another subscriber calls during a conversation. The call is indicated by Call
waiting and shown on the display:
Reject the call:
Accept the call:
Holding calls
Put call on hold to initiate a query call.
Hold Call . . . If music on hold is enabled on the base, the other
person hears the melody
Query calls / Call swapping
During a call or in state Call on hold, call a second subscriber.
External Call
End an active call:
End Active Call . . . The active call is ended, the call held becomes
active again
Switch between two callers (call swapping):
Press up/down on the control key
Transferring a call
An active call is forwarded to a person on hold.
Forward Call . . . the two callers are connected together, your
own connections are ended
Initiating a conference call
You have one active and one held call. Speak to both at the same time.
Conf. . . . all three people are connected together
End a conference call:
Accept . . . the first call is put on hold
Enter the phone number
Availability and operation of the functions
may differ on your telephone.
Making calls
Dial . . . The call is