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Sony Walkman NWZ-A815 Operation Manual page 98

Sony mp3 player operation guide
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Thumbnails are not
Cover art is not
The player cannot format.  The remaining battery is low or insufficient.
The player's power was
inadvertently turned off,
and then on again.
"" appears for a title.
"Unknown" is displayed
for an album or artist
name, etc.
Garbled characters are
The screen darkens while
displaying a photo.
 Songs do not have cover art information.
Thumbnails are displayed only when songs have
cover art information.
 Thumbnail name does not match its video file, and
the video file is not in the correct location.
 Place a JPEG file of the same name as the video
file into the folder under the "VIDEO" folder.
 Some cover art is not displayed, depending on the
thumbnail file format or the cover art's file format.
 Cover art information is not included with the data.
 The cover art only appears if the cover art
information is included.
You can set cover art using the supplied Windows
Media Player 11, or another transfer capable
software for setting cover art. For details on
operation, refer to Help of the software or ask its
 Some cover art is not displayed, depending on its
file format.
 Charge the battery by connecting to the computer
(  page 83).
 If a malfunction occurs, the player turns off, and
then on again automatically.
 Characters that cannot appear on the player are
included in the title.
 Rename the title with appropriate characters on
the computer.
 The data has no data information, such as an album
or artist name, etc.
 The wrong language is selected.
 Correct the setting of "Language Settings" ( 
page 81), and then transfer data to the player
 There was no operation attempted for the time
selected in "Screensaver Timing" (  page 70).
 Press any button.
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