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Sony Walkman NWZ-A815 Operation Manual page 97

Sony mp3 player operation guide
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Transferred data cannot
be found.
The volume is not loud
There is no sound from
the right channel of the
Or the right channel
sound is heard from both
sides of the headphones.
Playback has stopped
 The built-in flash memory of the player was
formatted using Windows Explorer.
 Format the built-in flash memory on the player
(  page 79).
 The supplied USB cable was disconnected from the
player while data was being transferred.
 Transfer usable files back to your computer and
format the built-in flash memory on the player
(  page 79).
 After dragging and dropping in Windows Explorer,
data hierarchy levels do not correspond to the player
(  page 86).
 Transferred files are not in a playable format. For
details, see "Supported file format" of
"Specifications" (  page 118).
 Convert the ATRAC audio data using the
supplied MP3 Conversion Tool.
 Songs or videos may not play back, depending on
the file format (  page 118).
 Photos may not be displayed, depending on the
file size or file format (  page 118).
 "AVLS (Volume Limit)" is enabled.
 Disable "AVLS (Volume Limit)" (  page 67).
 The headphone jack is not fully inserted.
 If the headphones are not connected correctly,
sound will not be output properly. Insert the
connecting pin of the headphones into the jack
until it clicks (  page 9).
 The remaining battery power is insufficient.
 Charge the battery by connecting the player to
your computer (  page 83).
 The songs or video files that cannot be played are
 Play back the other song or video files.
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