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Playing Songs In Random Order (Intelligent Shuffle); Playing Songs Released In The Same Year In Random Order (Time Machine Shuffle); Random Order (Time Machine Shuffle) - Sony Walkman NWZ-A815 Operation Manual

Sony mp3 player operation guide
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Playing Music
Playing Songs in Random Order
The player offers 2 different random modes (also known as shuffle play) .
Playing songs released in the same year in random order
(Time Machine Shuffle)
The player randomly selects a release year and plays all transferred songs of
that year in random order.
Press and hold the BACK/HOME button until the Home menu
Press the /// button to select
then press the
The screen used to select a shuffle mode appears.
Press the /// button to select "Time Machine Shuffle," and
then press the
A release year is randomly selected, the songs of that year are shuffled, and
playback starts.
 When you start "Intelligent Shuffle" play, the play mode changes to "Shuffle" or
"Shuffle&Repeat" (  page 33). Even if you cancel "Intelligent Shuffle, " the "Shuffle" or
"Shuffle&Repeat" setting for the play mode is kept.
 When you start the "Time Machine Shuffle" play, the playback range is set to "Selected
Range" (  page 34).
 "Intelligent Shuffle" play is automatically canceled by any of the following operations:
 Starting playback of a song by selecting it from the "Music Library, " etc.
 Changing the play mode.
 Changing the playback range.
 Playing a video.
button to confirm.
button to confirm.
(Intelligent Shuffle)
5-way button
(Intelligent Shuffle), and
Continued 

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