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About The Manuals - Sony Walkman NWZ-A815 Operation Manual

Sony mp3 player operation guide
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About the Manuals

The following manuals are included with the player. Additionally, after
installing software from the supplied CD-ROM, you can refer to the help
provided within each software.
 Quick Start Guide explains set up and the basic operations, enabling you to
import songs, videos and photos to a computer, to transfer them to the
player, and to play them back.
 Precautions explains important notes to prevent accidents.
 Troubleshooting explains symptoms, causes and remedies when the player
has problems.
 This Operation Guide explains standard and advanced features, enabling
you to make full use of the player and troubleshoot problems.
Browsing the Operation Guide
To use the buttons in the Operation Guide
Click the buttons located in the upper right of this manual to jump to "Table of
Contents, " "Home Menu List, " or "Index. "
Jumps to the table of contents
Find what you are looking for from a list of topics in the manual.
Jumps to the home menu list
Find what you are looking for from a list of the option items in the player's menu.
Jumps to the index
Find what you are looking for from a list of key words mentioned in the manual.
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