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Sony Walkman NWZ-A815 Operation Manual page 38

Sony mp3 player operation guide
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Setting the Music
To return to the previous menu
Press the BACK/HOME button.
To return to the normal sound quality
Select "None" in step
 You can also set the sound quality from the "Now Playing" screen. Press the OPTION/
PWR OFF button, and select "Equalizer" from the option menu.
 If your personal settings saved as "Custom 1" and "Custom 2" seem to produce a
different volume level than the other settings, you may have to adjust the volume
manually to compensate.
 The "Equalizer" setting is not applied to the sound of the video.
List of equalizer settings
The sound settings appear on the screen as the letters in parentheses.
Heavy (
Pop (
Jazz (
Unique (
Custom 1 (
Custom 2 (
, and then press the  button to confirm.
Sound quality setting is not activated.
(Default setting)
Emphasizes high and low ranges for a powerful sound.
Stresses the middle range audio, ideal for vocals.
Emphasizes high and low ranges for a lively sound.
Emphasizes high and low ranges, so that a small sound
can be listened easily.
User-customizable sound settings for which you can
adjust each frequency range individually. See  page 39
for details.
Continued 

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