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Displaying The Video Option Menu - Sony Walkman NWZ-A815 Operation Manual

Sony mp3 player operation guide
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Playing Videos

Displaying the Video Option Menu

You can display the Video option menu by pressing the OPTION/PWR OFF
button on a list screen (including the thumbnail screen), such as the video list,
or on the video "Now Playing" screen. From the Video option menu, various
video settings are available.
The option items shown on the option menu vary, depending on the screen
from which you display the option menu.
Option items appear on both the list screen and the "Now Playing" screen
Option items
Play from beginning
Detailed Information
Go to the song playback
Option items appear on the list screen only
Option items
Now Playing
Video List Display Format
Most Recent Video
Option items appear on the "Now Playing" screen only
Option items
Zoom Settings
Video Orientation
Description/reference page
Finds the beginning of the video (  page 47).
Displays file information, such as file size,
resolution, video/audio compression format, and
file name, etc.
The "Now Playing" screen of the last played song
Description/reference page
Displays the "Now Playing" screen.
Sets the video list display format (  page 54).
Starts playback of the video that was played most
Description/reference page
Sets the zoom function (  page 51).
Sets the video orientation (  page 48).
Sets to display/not display video information ( 
page 50).
Adjusts the brightness of the screen (  page 71).

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