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Sony Walkman NWZ-A815 Operation Manual page 49

Sony mp3 player operation guide
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Playing Videos
Press the /// button to select the desired setting, and then
press the
 Vertical: Displays at 240 × 180 pixels. (Default setting)
 "Horizontal (right)" or "Horizontal (left)": Displays at 320 × 240 pixels.
The operation of the 5-way button is switched according to the setting of
"Video Orientation" (  page 15).
 The video orientation can be set on the "Now Playing" screen of the video. Press the
OPTION/PWR OFF button, and select "Video Orientation" from the option menu.
 When "Display" is set to "On" (  page 50), the detailed information, such as the
video title, its playback icon, and elapsed playing time, etc., appears. The information
disappears if this setting is set to "Off. "
 If "Video Orientation" is set to "Horizontal (right), " or "Horizontal (left), " the title of the
video, is not displayed.
button to confirm.
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