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Maximizing Battery Life - Sony Walkman NWZ-A815 Operation Manual

Sony mp3 player operation guide
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Useful Facts

Maximizing Battery Life

By adjusting the settings or managing the power supply properly, it is possible
to save the battery power and use the player for a longer time.
Turn off the player manually
If you press and hold the OPTION/PWR OFF button, the player enters the
standby mode and the screen turns off to save battery power. Furthermore, if
the standby mode continues for more than about a day, the player turns
completely off automatically.
Changing the settings
You can save battery power by setting as follows.
Screen setting
Sound effect
For Videos
Note when connected to your computer
If the computer enters a power saving mode, such as the sleep or hibernation
mode, while the player is connected via the USB cable, the player's battery is
not charged. Instead, the player continues to draw power from the battery,
discharging it.
"Screensaver Timing" (  page 70)
"New Song Pop Up" (  page 30)
"Type" of "Screensaver" (  page 69)
"Brightness" (  page 71)
"Clear Stereo" (  page 42)
"DSEE (Sound Enhancer)" (  page 43)
"Dynamic Normalizer" (  page 45)
"Equalizer" (  page 37)
"VPT (Surround)" (  page 40)
"On-Hold Display" (  page 55)
"After 15 sec"
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