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Sony Walkman NWZ-A815 Operation Manual page 88

Sony mp3 player operation guide
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Useful Facts
For photos
(On Windows Explorer)
Drag and drop files or folders into the "PICTURE" or
"DCIM" folder.
On the 1st level, the "PICTURE" folder will recognize
either a file or a folder. The "DCIM" folder will only
recognize a folder. Only files on the 2nd level will be
recognized by both "DCIM" and "PICTURE" folders.
However, beyond the 2nd level, neither files nor folders
will be recognized.
(On the player)
Folders under the "PICTURE" and "DCIM" folders are
displayed in alphabetical order. Files in the 1st level of the
"PICTURE" folder are stored in the <PICTURE> folder.
Do not disconnect the USB cable while "Do not disconnect. " appears on the
player or the data being transferred may be damaged.
You cannot change folder names or delete the "MUSIC, " "MP_ROOT, "
"VIDEO, " "PICTURES, " "PICTURE" and "DCIM" folders.
Do not change folder or file names directly under the "MP_ROOT" folder.
Otherwise, they will not be displayed on the player.
* Data hierarchy of
"PICTURES" is the same
as the "PICTURE" folder.

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