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About Data Transferring - Sony Walkman NWZ-A815 Operation Manual

Sony mp3 player operation guide
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Useful Facts

About Data Transferring

You can directly transfer data by dragging and dropping using Windows
Explorer on your computer.
Playable data hierarchy has rules. Transfer data properly, see the following
For details about dragging and dropping, refer to "Quick Start Guide. "
 You can also transfer data to the player using Windows Media Player. For details about
usage, or support on Windows Media Player, refer to the Windows Media Player
information from the following web site:
 Some computers that already have Windows Media Player 10 installed may encounter
file limitation (AAC, video files, etc.) that can be transferred by dragging and dropping.
If you install Windows Media Player 11 (for details, see "Installing the Operation Guide
and software" of "Quick Start Guide") from the supplied CD-ROM, you can solve
this problem, then you can transfer by dragging and dropping again. Before installing
Windows Media Player 11 on your computer, make sure to check whether your software
or service corresponds to Windows Media Player 11.
 Data hierarchy may differ, depending on your computer environment.
For songs
(On Windows Explorer)
Drag and drop files or folders into the "MUSIC" folder.
However, beyond the 8th level, neither files nor folders will be
(On the player)
Folders are displayed in the folder name order first, then files
are displayed in the file name order. In this case, the upper or
lower case letters are not distinguished.
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