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Supplied Accessories - Sony Walkman NWZ-A815 Operation Manual

Sony mp3 player operation guide
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Supplied Accessories

Please check the accessories in the package.
 Headphones (1)
 Headphone extension cord (1)
 Earbuds (Size S, L) (1)
 USB cable*
 Attachment (1)
Use when connecting the player to the optional cradle, etc.
 MP3 Conversion Tool
 Windows Media Player 11
 Operation Guide (PDF file)
 Quick Start Guide (1)
Do not use any USB cable other than the supplied USB cable or the specified
optional dedicated cables.
Do not attempt to play this CD-ROM in an audio CD player.
Depending on the country/region in which you have purchased the player,
the supplied software may be different.
How to install the earbuds correctly
If the earbuds do not fit your ears correctly, low bass sound may not be heard.
To enjoy better sound quality, change the size of the earbuds or adjust the
earbud position to sit on your ears comfortably and fit your ears snugly.
At purchase, M size earbuds are installed. If the earbuds do not
fit your ears, try one of the other supplied sizes, S or L.
When you change the earbuds, turn to install them firmly on the
headphones to prevent the earbud from detaching and
remaining in your ear.
About the serial number
The serial number provided for this player is required for customer
registration. The number is shown on the rear of the player.

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