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Searching For Songs Based On The Currently Playing Song - Sony Walkman NWZ-A815 Operation Manual

Sony mp3 player operation guide
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Playing Music
Searching for Songs Based on the Currently
Playing Song
You can search for other songs, albums, and artists by the song information of
the currently playing song.
Press and hold the BACK/HOME button until the Home menu
Press the /// button to select
press the
The "Now Playing" screen of the currently playing song appears.
Press the  button to display a cursor and select an item in which
you want to search for songs, and then press the
The following lists appear, depending on the item you selected.
 Artist: The album list of the currently playing artist.
 Album: The song list of the currently playing album.
 Genre: An artist list in the same genre as the currently playing artist.
 Release Year: An artist list from the same release year as the currently
playing song.
 You can display the detailed information about the song, such as playing time, audio
format, bit rate*, and file name from the "Now Playing" screen. Press the OPTION/PWR
OFF button to select "Detailed Information" on the "Now Playing" screen.
* If the song has a variable bit rate, "VBR" is shown for the bit rate.
 You can display the cover art from the "Now Playing" screen. Press the OPTION/PWR
OFF button to select "Cover Art" on the "Now Playing" screen.
 When playing songs recorded using variable bit rate (VBR) recording, a progress bar
that shows the elapsed playback time, and the time itself is displayed, however, this time
data is not stable, which may result in incorrect information being displayed.
 If no cover art has been registered, a preinstalled image in the player appears. Some
cover art is not displayed, depending on its file format.
Now Playing
button to confirm.
5-way button
(Now Playing), and then
button to

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