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Klutch MIG 140i Owner's Manual page 10

120v inverter mig welder
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To prevent any unintended arcs, cut the wire back to ¼" stick out after welding.
Hot Materials - Welded materials are hot and can cause severe burns if handled improperly.
Do not touch welded materials with bare hands.
Do not touch the torch nozzle after welding until it has had time to cool down.
Electromagnetic Field
Electromagnetic fields can interfere with various electrical and electronic devices such as
Consult your doctor before using any electric arc welder or cutting device.
Keep people with pacemakers away from your welding area when welding.
Do not wrap cable around your body while welding.
Wrap the torch and ground cable together whenever possible.
Keep the torch and ground cables on the same side of your body.
H.F. RADIATION can cause interference!
High-frequency (H.F.) can interfere with radio navigation, safety services, computers, and
communications equipment.
Have only qualified persons familiar with electronic equipment perform this installation.
The user is responsible for having a qualified electrician promptly correct any interference problem
resulting from the installation.
If notified by the FCC about interference, stop using the equipment at once.
Have the installation regularly checked and maintained.
Keep high-frequency source doors and panels tightly shut, keep spark gaps at correct setting, and
use grounding and shielding to minimize the possibility of interference.
ARC welding can cause interference!
Electromagnetic energy can interfere with sensitive electronic equipment such as computers and
computer-driven equipment such as robots.
Be sure all equipment in the welding area is electromagnetically compatible.
To reduce possible interference, keep weld cables as short as possible, close together, and down
low, such as on the floor.
Locate welding operation 100 yards from any sensitive electronic equipment.
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