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Klutch MIG 140i Owner's Manual page 27

120v inverter mig welder
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Unit is not plugged in.
Unit does not
power up.
Input power circuit breaker not on.
The main power switch is not working.
The internal temperature is too high.
Input power voltage is too high or too
indicator is on.
Cooling fan is damaged.
Wire feed speed control at zero.
Trigger is not mashed.
Wire drive motor
does not turn.
Wire drive motor Is damaged.
Feed roller is not correctly installed.
Torch liner is plugged.
Wire diameter may vary on spool of wire
causing the wire to catch in the contact
Wire feeds
Too much or too little wire tension.
Too much or too little drive roll tension.
Drive roll is worn.
Work piece is painted or rusty.
Ground clamp is connected where there
is paint or rust.
Unable to create
Ground clamp is not electrically
an arc.
connected to the work piece.
Trigger is not mashed.
The contact tip is too large.
Welding arc is
Torch liner is plugged.
No shielding gas.
Possible Cause
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Corrective Action
Plug in unit.
Reset input power circuit breaker.
Replace main power switch.
Leave power on and let the fan cool the
unit. Output will continue when the unit
has cooled.
Meter input power voltage. This unit
must be used with input voltage that
ranges from 120V AC plus or minus
Replace the cooling fan.
Increase wire feed speed control.
Wire will feed only when trigger is
Replace wire drive motor.
See installation section to correctly
install the drive roller.
Clear or replace torch liner.
Increase the contact tip one size.
See Installing the Wire section.
See Setting Drive Roll Tension section.
Replace drive roll.
Remove all paint and rust.
Remove all paint and rust so ground
clamp is connected to bare metal.
Make certain the ground clamp Is
connected to the work piece.
When in the MIG mode, this unit is not
electrically hot until you mash the torch
Make certain the correct contact tip is
Clear or replace torch liner.
Connect shielding gas supply and turn
shielding gas on.

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