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Klutch MIG 140i Owner's Manual page 16

120v inverter mig welder
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xx. Select a contact tip stamped with the same diameter as the wire being used.
NOTE: Due to inherent variances in flux core welding wire, it may be necessary
to use a contact tip one size larger than your flux core wire, if wire jams occur.
xxi. Slide the contact tip over the wire (protruding from the end of the torch). Thread
the contact tip into the end of the torch and hand-tighten securely.
xxii. Install the nozzle on the torch assembly.
xxiii. Cut off excess wire that extends past the end of the nozzle more than 1/4 inch.
xxiv. Turn the welder ON.
Arc flash can injure eyes! To reduce the risk of arc flash, make certain that the wire coming out of
the end of the torch does not come into contact with the work piece, ground clamp, or any grounded
material during the drive tension setting process or arcing will occur.
a. Press the trigger on the torch.
b. Turn the drive tension adjustment knob clockwise until the wire seems to feed smoothly
without slipping.
Shielding gas cylinders and high-pressure cylinders can explode if damaged; handle them
Never expose cylinders to high heat, sparks, open flames, mechanical shocks, or arcs.
Do not weld on the cylinder.
Always secure the cylinder upright to a cart or stationary object.
Keep cylinders away from welding or electrical circuits.
Use the proper regulators, gas hoses, and fittings for the specific application.
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