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After Each Use; Maintenance - Klutch MIG 140i Owner's Manual

120v inverter mig welder
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a. Select the wire diameter and heat setting recommended above for the method of spot
welding you intend to use.
b. Tune in the wire speed as if you were creating a continuous weld.
c. Hold the nozzle piece completely perpendicular to and about 1/4 inch off the work piece.
d. Pull the trigger on the torch and release it when it appears that the desired penetration has
been achieved.
e. Make practice spot welds on scrap metal, varying the length of time you hold the trigger,
until a desired spot weld is made.
Create spot welds on the actual work piece at the desired locations.
Hot Materials - Welded materials are hot and can cause severe burns if handled improperly.
Do not touch welded materials with bare hands.
Do not touch the torch nozzle after welding until it has had time to cool down.
1. Turn Off the power switch when not using the equipment.
2. Turn Off any shielding gases you may have used during the operation of this equipment.
3. Inspect all cords and power cables. Replace any cords or power cables that are damaged or
4. Disconnect and organize welding cables so they are protected while not in use.
Proper Care, Maintenance, and Repair
Always have the power disconnected when working on internal components.
Do not touch or handle the PC board without being properly grounded with a wrist strap. Put the PC
board in a static proof bag to move or ship.
Do not put hands or fingers near moving parts such as the drive rolls or the fan.
Touching live electrical parts can cause fatal shocks or severe burns. Do not touch live electrical
Wear dry, hole-free insulating gloves and body protection.

After Each Use



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