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Klutch 62499 Owner's Manual

Dc stick 4500k 130 amp/9.5hp 4000 watt welder/generator
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DC Stick 4500K 130 Amp/9.5HP
4000 Watt Welder/Generator
Owner's Manual
Read carefully and understand all ASSEMBLY AND OPERATION
INSTRUCTIONS before operating. Failure to follow the safety rules and other basic safety
precautions may result in serious personal injury.
Item #62499



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  Summary of Contents for Klutch 62499

  • Page 1 4000 Watt Welder/Generator Owner’s Manual WARNING: Read carefully and understand all ASSEMBLY AND OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS before operating. Failure to follow the safety rules and other basic safety precautions may result in serious personal injury. Item #62499 READ & SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS...
  • Page 2 Thank you very much for choosing a Klutch™ product! For future reference, please complete the owner’s record below: Serial Number/Lot Date Code: ________________________________ Purchase Date: ____________________________________________ Save the receipt, warranty, and this manual. It is important that you read the entire manual to become familiar with this product before you begin using it.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Intended Use ............................4 Packaging Contents ..........................4 Technical Specifications ........................4 Important Safety Information ....................... 5 Specific Operation Warnings ....................... 7 Main Parts of 4500K ..........................12 Assembly Instructions ........................12 Before Each Use ..........................15 Operating Instructions ........................
  • Page 4: Intended Use

    Intended Use The 4500K Welder/Generator is a 4000 Watt (4500 Watt Peak) generator and DC only stick welder with an exceptionally smooth stick welding performance. It is intended for use for welding steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and hard surfacing using electrodes from 1/16 inch to 5/32 inch. Stick welding gives the operator the flexibility to use this welder for mobile applications, including outdoor applications.
  • Page 5: Important Safety Information

    Property Specification Type 4 Stroke Horse Power 9.5 HP 3600 Fuel Type Gasoline Start Type Re-Coil Fuel Capacity 5 Gallon Dimensions 31.5" x 23.5" x 28.5" Entire Unit Weight 309 lb. Important Safety Information ⚠WARNING  Read and understand all instructions. Failure to follow all instructions may result in serious injury or property damage.
  • Page 6  Do not allow the product to come into contact with an electrical source. The tool is not insulated and contact will cause electrical shock.  Keep children and bystanders away from the work area while operating the tool. Do not allow children to handle the product.
  • Page 7: Specific Operation Warnings

    Specific Operation Warnings ⚠WARNING Your Welding Environment  Keep the environment you will be welding in free from flammable materials.  Always keep a fire extinguisher accessible to your welding environment.  Always have a qualified person install and operate this equipment. ...
  • Page 8 glasses while welding.  Wear proper gloves and protective clothing to prevent your skin from being exposed to hot metals, UV, and IR rays.  Do not overuse or overheat your welder. Allow proper cooling time between duty cycles.  Keep hands and fingers away from moving parts.
  • Page 9 ⚠WARNING Fumes and Gases  Do not use unit in the presence of gasoline, diesel, propane, or other flammable liquids. Sparks created from this unit may ignite liquids or fumes, causing an explosion and serious injury or death.  Fumes emitted from the welding process displace clean air and can result in injury or death. ...
  • Page 10 explosive materials.  Do not operate any electric arc welder in areas where flammable or explosive materials are present.  Remove all flammable materials within 35 feet of the welding arc.  Take precautions to ensure that flying sparks do not cause fires or explosions in hidden areas, cracks, or areas you cannot see.
  • Page 11  Keep high-frequency source doors and panels tightly shut, keep spark gaps at correct setting, and use grounding and shielding to minimize the possibility of interference. ARC WELDING can cause interference!  Electromagnetic energy can interfere with sensitive electronic equipment such as computers and computer-driven equipment such as robots.
  • Page 12: Main Parts Of 4500K

    Main Parts of 4500K Reference Subassembly 5 Gallon Fuel Tank Auxiliary Power Circuit Breaker 120V Duplex Receptacle 240V Receptacle Positive (+) Output Connection Negative (-) Output Connection Kohler CH395 Engine Weld Output Control Assembly Instructions Cart Assembly 1. Install the axle to the frame. a.
  • Page 13 b. Note the mounting holes on the axle flange and match it up with the mounting holes in the main unit frame. The axle gets mounted on the end of the welder controls. Use the supplied bolts, washers, lock washers, and nuts to secure axle bracket to the welder frame.
  • Page 14 ⚠CAUTION Make Tight Connections  Improper connections, including loose connections, in the weld circuit leads to resistance causing excessive heat and may result in damage to your equipment. Insure all connections are snug and tight. Page 14 of 27...
  • Page 15: Before Each Use

    Engine Fueling And Lubrication Make certain that the engine has been properly fueled and lubricated prior to operation. Refer to the engine operator’s manual. Setting Amperage Turn the Amperage Control until the desired welding amperage. Approximate Amperage Ranges Electrode Diameter Amperage 40 –...
  • Page 16: Operating Instructions

    Operating Instructions ⚠WARNING High voltage danger from power source!  Consult a qualified electrician for proper installation of receptacle at the power source. This welder must be grounded while in use to protect the operator from electrical shock. If you are not sure if your outlet is properly grounded, have it checked by a qualified electrician.
  • Page 17 2. GROUND CLAMP CONNECTION Clear any dirt, rust, scale, oil, or paint on the ground clamp. Make certain you have a good solid ground connection. A poor connection at the ground clamp will waste power and heat. Make sure the ground clamp touches the metal. 3.
  • Page 18 ii. The bead will undercut the work. The bead will be flat and porous. iii. iv. The rod may be freeze or stick to work piece. Note: The rate of travel over the work also affects the weld. To ensure proper penetration and enough deposit of the rod, the arc must be moved slowly and evenly along the weld seam.
  • Page 19 It is important that the gap be maintained during the welding process without being too wide or too narrow. If it’s too narrow, the rod will stick to the work piece. If it’s too wide, the arc will be extinguished. Practice will be needed to maintain the gap. A beginner will usually have sticker or arc extinguishing.
  • Page 20 more toward the metal above the weld joint. This more direct angle helps prevent the weld puddle from running downward while still allowing slow enough travel speed to achieve good penetration. A good starting point for your electrode angle is about 30 degrees DOWN from being perpendicular to the work piece.
  • Page 21: After Each Use

    After Each Use ⚠CAUTION Hot Materials - Welded materials are hot and can cause severe burns if handled improperly.  Do not touch welded materials with bare hands.  Do not touch the torch nozzle after welding until it has had time to cool down. 1.
  • Page 22: Troubleshooting

    Maintenance Interval Maintenance Point Inspect all warning and caution labels affixed to this unit. If they are worn, torn or otherwise unreadable, replace the warning labels. Every 3 Months Inspect and clean and tighten all weld power connections. Maintain Your Engine Refer to the engine manual for routine maintenance on the engine.
  • Page 23 Failure Possible Cause Corrective Action Check to make certain weld cables are Electrode holder or Weld cable connections are loose. tight. ground cable is getting hot. Weld cable connections have Output connections Clean weld connections and reinstall. corroded. are getting hot. Poor welding performance, Damp electrode.
  • Page 24: Parts Diagram

    Parts Diagram Page 24 of 27...
  • Page 25: Parts List

    105700028 RUBBER HANDLE 105700029 GASOLINE TANK 105700030 DAMPING VALVE 105700031 ENGINE 105700032 RIGHT SIDE HANDLE OWNER’S MANUAL KLUTCH 4500K 125700002 105700033 GROUND CABLE WITH CLAMP 105700034 GROUND CLAMP ONLY 105700035 ELECTRODE HOLDER AND CABLE 105700036 ELECTRODE HOLDER ONLY ** Item not shown.
  • Page 26: Limited Warranty

    Northern Tool and Equipment Company, Inc. ("We'' or "Us'') warrants to the original purchaser only ("You'' or "Your") that the Klutch product purchased will be free from material defects in both materials and workmanship, normal wear and tear excepted, for a period of three years from date of purchase.
  • Page 27 Distributed by: Northern Tool & Equipment Company, Inc. Burnsville, Minnesota 55306 Made in China Page 27 of 27...