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Klutch MIG 140i Owner's Manual page 15

120v inverter mig welder
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vi. Setting the wire spool tension. a) Turn the spool of wire with one hand. b)
Increase the spool tension by tightening (turn clockwise) the wing nut while
turning the spool. Turn the spool while tightening the wing nut until the spool
slows down and you feel a slight drag. Stop tightening the wing nut; you may
need to repeat these steps until proper spool tension is achieved.
vii. If TOO MUCH tension is applied to the wire spool, the wire will slip on the drive
roller or will not be able to feed at all. If TOO LITTLE tension is applied, the spool
of wire will want to unspool itself when the trigger is released. Readjust the spool
tension using the wing nut as necessary to correct for either problem.
viii. With the welder disconnected from the power source, remove the leading end of
the wire from the spool. Hold on to it securely, so as not to allow unspooling or
tangling of the wire as it will result in tangled wire and feeding problems.
ix. Cut off any bent portion of the wire using a wire cutter.
x. Loosen the tension adjusting knob holding the drive tension arm in place and lift
the tension arm up off the drive roller.
xi. Insert the wire into the inlet guide tube and feed it across the drive roller and into
the torch assembly about six inches.
Make certain that the welding wire is actually feeding into the torch liner. If not, the wire will jam up
in the mechanism.
xii. Line the wire up with the correct groove in the drive roller. Place the drive tension
arm back above the drive roller.
xiii. Place the drive tension adjustment arm back in place.
xiv. Tighten (turn clockwise) the drive tension adjusting knob until the tension roller is
applying enough force on the wire to prevent it from slipping in the drive rollers.
xvi. Plug in the welder power cord and turn the welder ON. Set the voltage switch to
the voltage setting recommended for the gauge metal that is to be welded. Refer
to the set-up chart on the back side of the drive compartment door.
The welding wire is electrically hot when the power is on and the torch trigger is activated.
xvii. Set the WIRE SPEED control to the middle of the wire speed range.
xviii. Straighten the MIG torch cable and pull the trigger in the gun handle to feed the
wire through the torch assembly. When at least one inch of the wire sticks out
past the end of the torch, release the trigger.
xix. Turn the power switch to the OFF position.
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