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Klutch MIG 140i Owner's Manual page 17

120v inverter mig welder
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a. Connect one end of the gas hose to the gas hose connection on the back of the welder.
b. Connect the other end of the gas hose to the gas hose connection on the supplied
regulator/flow gauge.
c. Before installing the regulator, it is good practice to make certain there is not debris in the
gas bottle connection. Rotate the bottle so the gas connection is not pointing toward you
or any other person. Turn the valve on the gas bottle clockwise and quickly close it. This
quick thrust of gas will clear any debris in the connection. Connect the regulator to the gas
bottle connection. Use a wrench to snug up the connection.
(1) Gas Bottle Valve
(2) Gas Flow Gauge (Set at 20 CFH)
(3) Gas Pressure Gauge
(4) Regulator
(5) Gas Flow Adjuster
(6) Gas Hose Connection
(7) Gas Cylinder
d. Open the Gas Bottle Valve on the cylinder of gas.
e. Turn the Gas Flow Adjuster on the regulator so that the gas flow rate is set at approximately
20 CFH. Make certain you are reading the correct scale on the gauge.
NOTE: Slowly open the cylinder valve by turning it counter-clockwise until the cylinder pressure gauge
registers on the first gauge of the regulator. Turn the adjustment knob clockwise (right) slowly to increase
gas flow to 20 CFH. To reduce the gas flow, turn the adjustment counter-clockwise (left). The gas valve is
located on the back panel of the welder and activated by the trigger. Gas flow should be heard when the
trigger is activated. No gas flow will result in a harsh arc with excessive spatter, a smooth weld bead will
be difficult to obtain. Avoid unnecessary gas loss by closing the tank valve when finished welding.
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