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Intended Use; Packaging Contents; Technical Specifications - Klutch MIG 140i Owner's Manual

120v inverter mig welder
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The Klutch MIG 140i is an inverter-powered, wire feed welder for flux core and MIG welding. It comes
complete with a regulator and gas hose for easy connection for MIG. Directly connect this unit to a
120V household power. It is designed to weld materials as thin as 24 gauge all the way up to 3/16" in
a single pass.
Welding with a flux core wire gives the operator the flexibility to use this wire feed welder for mobile
applications, including outdoor applications. The flux core wire does not require the use of a separate
shielding gas which can be blown away by the wind in outdoor applications. Since flux core welding
does not use shielding gas, the operator will not have to have shielding gas bottles, or use the
regulator and gas hose.
Welding with a MIG wire does require the use of a bottle of shielding gas. See the Set-Up guide inside
the wire compartment door for recommendations on shielding gas based on the material you are
welding. MIG welding is limited to indoor applications or applications where the influence of wind can
be controlled to prevent the shielding gas from blowing away. MIG welding allows you to weld thinner
materials without burn-through. It also creates a much cleaner weld with less spatter and no slag. The
result is little post-weld cleaning of the weld joint.
This unit is intended to be used on a 20-amp 120V AC circuit without the use of an extension cord. If
an extension cord is necessary for your application, use the appropriate size and length of extension
cord that will handle 20 amps the entire length of the extension. We highly recommend talking with a
qualified electrician for cord size recommendations.
High frequency, inverter-based welding is more efficient and provides better control than non-inverter
welding machines.
MIG 140i Welder
MIG Nozzle
Flux Core Nozzle
Power Supply
No-Load Voltage
Output Range - MIG
Duty Cycle
Suggested Wire
Suggested Wire Diameter

Intended Use

Packaging Contents

MIG Torch
10 ft. Gas Hose
.030 Contact Tips

Technical Specifications

120V, 20A, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
60V DC
30A/15.5V to 90A/18.5 DC
30% @ 90A
Steel, Stainless Steel
.023, .030, .035
16-7/10ʺ x 7-6/10ʺ x 10-6/10ʺ
19.4 lb.
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Ground Cable/Clamp
Dual Gauge Regulator
Owner's Manual

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