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Klutch MIG 140i Owner's Manual page 21

120v inverter mig welder
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Travel direction is the direction the torch is moved along the weld joint in relation to the
weld puddle. The torch is either PUSHED into the weld puddle or PULLED away from the
weld puddle.
For most welding jobs you will pull the torch along the weld joint to take advantage of the
greater weld puddle visibility.
Travel speed is the rate at which the torch is being pushed or pulled along the weld joint.
For a fixed heat setting, the faster the travel speed, the lower the penetration and the lower
and narrower the finished weld bead. Likewise, the slower the travel speed, the deeper the
penetration will be and the higher and wider the finished weld bead will be.
b. Types of Welding Beads - As you become more familiar with your new welder and better
at laying some simple weld beads, you can begin to try some different weld bead types.
The STRINGER BEAD is formed by traveling with the torch in a straight line while keeping
the wire and nozzle centered over the weld joint. See the following illustration.
The WEAVE BEAD is used when you want to deposit metal over a wider space than
would be possible with a stringer bead. It is made by weaving from side to side while
moving with the torch. It is best to hesitate momentarily at each side before weaving back
the other way. See the following illustration.
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