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Service Inspection Mode - Samsung DW80M9 Series Service Manual

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■ SVC Test mode
Enable Smart Install
Disable Smart Install
Smart Install Mode
Smart Install Mode
Auto Mode
1) Set the timer for 17h with Power On.
2) Press Hi-Temp Wash Key for at least 7 seconds.
- When Power Key is pressed, it is disabled with Power Off.
- There are Auto Mode and Manual Mode. When Smart Install Mode is enabled, it is set to Auto Mode by default.
- Mode change KEY : Changing modes can be done by entering the Auto Key while on standby or when the operation of each
mode has been completed. (AS → Manual mode STEP[1] → Manual mode STEP[2] → ... Manual mode STEP[7] → AS → ...
- Entering the mode change KEY when the Door Open check code occurs will cancel the check code and go to the state where mode
change can be performed.
- Displays "AS" before Auto Mode is enabled.
- If Rinse Aid is not sufficient, Rinse Aid ICON turns on.
- During Auto Mode, the current Step No. blinks as an indication.
- Closing the Door within 3.7 seconds after entering the Start Key will automatically run Step 1 through to Step 6.
※ dC1 will occur if Door Open information is detected only in Inverter Micom. – If the Door opens during operation, it will stop and the
Door Open check code "dC(dC1)" will be displayed. However, this does not apply once Auto Door Open is activated. – When the
Door Open check code "dC(dC1)" is displayed, pressing the Start Key will turn the check code display off and it will re-run from the
initial AS.
1. During Auto Mode, all keys except Power Key are deactivated.
During Auto Mode, Sub Mode cannot be changed manually.
2. [Auto Mode STEP 1: check drainage and vane.]
3. Turn on the drain pump. (Use the following steps/ no drain error detection.)
- Drain pump on for 14 seconds → drain pump off for 2 seconds → drain pump on for 14 seconds → off for 5 seconds → complete
4. Move the vane back and forth while draining step is in progress.
(※ Applicable to models with a vane only.)
5. Once the draining step completes and the vane operates normally, proceed to [STEP 2].

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