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Naturela NPBC-V3C-1 User Manual Page 9

Electronic pellet burner controller.
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Electronic pellet burner controller – NPBC-V3C-1/ NPBC-V4C-1
Fuel X → Setup P1/Setup P2/Setup P3/ Suspend. In the beginning of every feeding cycle, the burner
automatically chooses the best power level depending on the difference between the set and the current
temperature of the boiler. The temperature difference for each power level, the maximum time for
maintaining the fire (Suspend power level) as well as the maximum temperature for overheating can be
set in the menu Factory Settings → Power Modulation. If the maximum time for Suspend power
level runs out or if the temperature of the boiler gets higher with as many degrees as set for
overheating, the burner turns off. While in Suspend mode, if the temperature difference reaches the set
value for any of the power levels and if there is still embers in the burning chamber, the burning
process resumes directly to the necessary power level.
The burner turns off because of several different reasons: automatically – because of no need of heat
anymore, or by timer, or because of an error that requires it to turn off (for example, Back burning), or
manually – from the Turn On/Off button or from a switch connected to the OD input. No matter the
reason or the way, the burner always performs the same extinguishing procedure. During the
extinguishing phase the fuel feeding stops and the fan keeps working slowly to help the last remained
pellets to burn out and to prevent back burning to the pellet bunker. When the photo sensor detects that
the fire is off, the burner goes to cleaning phase and after that in initial state.
During the cleaning phase the main fan works on 100% of its power. If there is an additional powerful
cleaning fan or mechanical cleaning system, connected to the FC output, it turns on, too. The settings
for cleaning before ignition, after extinction and in case of a problem are different. The procedure is as
1. The burner turns off.
2. The main blower turns on and works on maximum power for as long as it is in the menu
Factory Settings → Burning Setup → Fuel X → Cleaning, column Fan
3. After the above time is up, the additional powerful fan or the mechanical cleaning system
connected to the FC output turns on and works along with the main blower for as long as it is
set in the menu Factory Settings → Burning Setup → Fuel X → Cleaning, column FC
Besides the cleaning on start, stop and in case of alarm, the controller has an option for an automatic
cleaning procedures, which can be set from the menu Factory Settings → Burning Setup → Fuel X
→ Cleaning. During these procedure the burner turns off, performs the procedure for Cleaning on
Stop and then turns on again.
As an additional cleaning method, some of the ashes from the burning process can be blown away
during the intermediate cleaning procedures that are performed while the fire is burning. During the
intermediate cleaning the FC output activates and/or the main and the exhaust fans' power can be
increased. The parameters for this procedure are: cycle for the procedure to repeat, duration of the
cleaning, fans' speed during the intermediate cleaning and whether the FC output will be active or not.
During this cleaning method the pellet feeding doesn't stop.
User Manual / ver 3.8
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