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Naturela NPBC-V3C-1 User Manual Page 33

Electronic pellet burner controller.
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Electronic pellet burner controller – NPBC-V3C-1/ NPBC-V4C-1
Modulation. The shortest switch time interval could be the cycle between two feedings, which usually
is 20-30 seconds. For such a short period of time, the temperature of the heating installation can't
change significantly and it's impossible for a human to sense the swings between the power levels.
A correctly set Suspend power level can provide even larger range for modulation for the controller.
Make sure that the cycle between two feedings is just as long as the fuel dose needs to burn out, but
not long enough for the embers to cool down, so the next dose can easily ignite.
Interm Clean – This menu sets the intermediate cleaning which is performed while the fire is burning.
The fans temporary increase their speed which results in higher temperature of the fire and leads to
better burning of all leftovers. Another option is to connect a mechanical actuator to the FC output and
to use it periodically to clean the ashes. Put a check sign on the line Activate to enable these
procedures, on the line Change fans to enable the usage of the fans during this procedure and/or on
the line FC Output to enable its usage.
Additional information about the controller
After the power supply to the controller is on, a yellow text with Control module's version appears on
the screen for 2 seconds. There are two options for this text: NRC-6 MV – a control module for pellet
burner or NRC-6 SV – a control module for pellet burner with an option to work as a room thermostat.
After that the controller displays a screen with its version and the software versions of the Control
module and the Executive module:
Software version of
the Control module
User Manual / ver 3.8
If checked the intermediate
cleaning is enabled
On every 10 min of the burner's
work, the intermediate cleaning
will be executed for 30 seconds
If checked, the fans' usage is enabled
and their speed will change as set
on the following two parameters
If checked FC output is enabled
Version of the controller
Software version of
the Executive module
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