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Naturela NPBC-V3C-1 User Manual Page 18

Electronic pellet burner controller.
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Electronic pellet burner controller – NPBC-V3C-1/ NPBC-V4C-1
List choice – A red bar indicates the currently selected row. Press the up or down navigation
▲ or ▼)
buttons (
selection. An arrow pointing down at the bottom of the screen or up on the top of the screen
indicates that there are more options in the corresponding direction outside of the visible area
of the screen. In this case, press the corresponding navigation button to go to the next or the
previous page. If there is an arrow pointing right on any of the rows on the screen, there is a
sub-menu with list choice again. While looking at any screen with parameter settings, press the
left navigation button to go back to the previous screen with list choice.
Screen title
Selected row
Parameter setting screen – At the moment when such a screen is displayed, a pink frame marks
the first editable parameter. The left and right navigation buttons (◄ ►) move the frame to the
previous or next editable parameter. The up and down navigation buttons (
currently selected parameter's value or put/remove a check sign. The parameter's type could be
any of the following: editable numerical value, list with text values or check box that
activates/deactivates a certain function. The numerical parameters are restricted in certain range
of values. When the end of the range is reached, the value stops changing, despite the
remaining sound signal for pressed button.
Menu title
Pink frame that marks
the currently selected
Check box parameter
Status: Checked
Check box parameter
Status: Unchecked
Press and hold the left or right navigation buttons ( ◄ ► ) to switch between the parameters in the
current menu with 5 positions per second.
User Manual / ver 3.8
to move the bar and the right navigation button (►) to confirm the
More options available
on the previous page
This option leads to
an additional sub-menu
with list choice
More options available
on the next page
▲ ▼
Green text:
Additional information
or parameter's name
White text:
Editable numerical
or text parameter
Parameter type LED:
Light green: Active
Dark green: Inactive
Additional information
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