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Safety Recommendations - Gefran SIEIDrive ADL300 Safety User Manual

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The mains supply switch-off function may performed only with the use of appropriate isolating
switching devices.
The feature of safety function are:
 Unexpected movements of the motor shall not be possible.
 Power and current to the motor are safely switched off.
 Drive unit is not disconnected from DC-link, so short response time to a re-start command is

Safety recommendations

Specifications and instructions provided to support functional safety are essential part of function
itself. Comprehension and knowledge are mandatory requirements for people getting involved in
installation and commissioning activities.
Only qualified personnel is allowed to execute any activities during installation and commissioning
Qualified personnel
For the purposes of this Instruction Manual, a "Qualified person" is someone who is skilled to the
installation, mounting, start-up and operation of the equipment and the hazards involved.
Qualified person should be:
• Trained for first aid emergencies
• Trained in the proper care and use of protective equipment according to established safety
• Trained and authorized to energize, de-energize, clear, ground and tag circuits and
equipment according to established safety procedures.
Safety Manual complements and integrates instruction manuals for ADL300 drive family. It
contains additional safety information complying with Machinery Directive for supporting use of
drive safety-related functions. Use of this functions as a part of machinery control system shall be
possible only after this document has been carefully understood.
Improper installation and commissioning of safety related parts of the control system, can cause
an uncontrolled re-starting of the drive unit. This may cause death, serious injuries and significant
material damage.
Safety function control system shall only be installed and commissioned by qualified personnel.
Emergency stop function (according to EN60204) must operate and take PDS into a safe state
independently from the operational status of drive unit. Safety integrated system is not affected
from operational status of the internal/external parts not related to safety.
Resetting emergency stop safety function must not result in uncontrolled re-start of the motor.
PDS can be re-started only when STO function is no longer active. In order to comply with
EN60204, drive will re-start only after operator manual confirmation.
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