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Installation And Commissioning Guidance; Safety Function Integrated On Adl300 Drive Family - Gefran SIEIDrive ADL300 Safety User Manual

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Installation and commissioning guidance

STO integrated safety function must be regarded as a part of safety related control system of a
machine. Only risk analysis and assessment of the machine as in §2 can verify adequacy of the
safety control system.
Risk analysis and assessment shall be developed with full knowledge of STO characteristics and
Installation and commissioning shall be performed only by qualified personnel fully aware of the
risks generally and specifically involved in the operations (see §1).
Generally speaking installation sustaining highest integrity levels requires some basic principles:
- Both enable signals shall be used with full wiring redundancy in order to sustain fault tolerance
equal or greater than 1
- Both feedback signals shall be used in order to maximise failure detection capabilities
- Dynamic principle exploited for all signals
- All devices used to assist/monitor/actuate safety related signals shall claim a compliant safety
integrity level
Operators shall take machine into operations only after functional and safety tests have been fully
performed to verify compliance with respect to risk analysis.

Safety Function Integrated on ADL300 drive family

Family drives ADL300 support safe torque off function as a standard integrated function tested on
each unit shipped from authorized manufacturing plants.
It must be understood and accepted by the users that safety function can not be accessed,
modified or maintained outside of the condition herein described. Only authorized production
facilities can access the integrated safety function in order to assure safe integrity.
V: Regulation Version, [A]= Advanced, [B] = Basic
S: mechanical size of the device [1],[2]...[5]
WWW: Output power (kW)
PPP: coding braking unit/Keyboard [KBL] = keypad and brakeunit
X: [F] = internal EMI filter
CC: Power supply type [4] = 400vAc treephase, [2T] = 200vAc treephase, [2M] = 200vAc
O: Optional features, C= CAN
ADL300A-2110-KBL-4 = ADL300 Adavanced, size 2, power 11kW, 400vAC power supply,
Keypad, brake unit, without filter, without CAN
ADL300B-2110-KBL-F-4-C =ADL300 Basic, size 2, power 11kW, 400vAC power supply,
Keypad, brake unit, with filter, with CAN
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