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Motorola CLP 446 User Instruction page 7

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Instructions Motorola headsets
Cloning two-way radios (synchronising settings)
• When you have received a new two-way radio, it's possible that it's still in the default settings.
To synchronise this two-way radio with the two-way radios present in the branch, you use the cloning process.
• You can also use this process when one of the present transmitters in the branch has (received) different settings,
like a different channel (frequency).
Choose a two-way radio that's already present in the branch. This two-way radio has the right frequency and
the respective language of the country (you can check this by pressing the menu button (5) once and listening
to the spoken language).
Also make sure that the source two-way radio has no end of message tone. This is a beep you hear after every
message. Otherwise, this setting is copied to the new two-way radio and this setting isn't desirable.
1 Make sure that both two-way radios are completely charged.
2 Turn off one of the two-way radios that's already present. Hold down the on/off button (3) the [-] volume
button (1) and the push-to-talk button (7) until you hear a tone and the light flashes yellow (3 seconds).
3 Place this two-way radio in the left most charging station. See 1 in the image below.
4 Turn on the new two-way radio and place it directly to the right of the other two-way radios in the charging
station. See 2 in the image below.
5 Briefly press the menu button (5) on the two-way radio on the left.
• Do note that the menu button is now mirrored because the front of the two-way radio is facing the charger.
6 During cloning, you can see the different colours pass by in the reflection of the charging station.
Do note, this happens quickly.
7 Cloning the existing two-way radio to the new two-way radio will commence. When this is done, the existing
two-way radio emits a sound and the LED briefly turns green.
8 Then turn both two-way radios off and on. The two-way radios are now ready for use.
If you want to clone multiple two-way radios, leave the old two-way radio on the left in the charger.
If it still briefly flashes yellow two times, the next new two-way radio can be cloned starting at step 4.