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Motorola COMMAND ONE User Manual

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  • Page 2 Now, you can manage calls and texts from your headset. With your Command One, you can: • Hear and reply to text messages with MotoSpeak™. • Hear the caller’s name and use your voice to answer and ignore calls.
  • Page 3 So go on, check it out. more information on the Web: Caution: Before using your headset for the first time, please read the important Safety, Regulatory & Legal information at the back of this guide.
  • Page 4: Your Headset

    Your headset the important parts side view Call Power Button Switch MicroUSB Status Charging Light Connector Earhook Ear Speaker Volume Mute Buttons Button Your headset...
  • Page 5 Charge it let’s get you up and running Status Light Red/Yellow = charging Green = fully charged While your headset is charging, you won’t be able to use it. Note: Your battery is designed to last the life of your product. It should only be removed by a recycling facility.
  • Page 6: Turn It On & Off

    Basics a few essentials to get you started Turn it on & off Power Switch Wear it 1 Rotate and turn your ear hook for left or right ear use. Basics...
  • Page 7: Listen To Music

    2 Try out all the supplied ear cushions. If using an ear loop type, be sure to place the loop in the bend of your ear as shown. 3 Flex the ear hook and loop it over your ear, and point the headset microphone towards your mouth.
  • Page 8: Enhanced Call Features

    Enhanced call features Tell headset to answer or ignore calls Use your voice to answer or ignore an incoming call: • say “answer” to answer the call • say “ignore” to ignore the call Note: This feature does not work for second incoming calls.
  • Page 9: Pair & Connect

    Pair & connect connect and go Note: The voice prompts are only in English. Pair & connect with your phone 1 Turn off any Bluetooth devices previously paired with your headset. 2 Turn on the Bluetooth feature on your phone. 3 Put the headset on your ear (see “Wear it”...
  • Page 10 When your headset successfully pairs with your phone, you hear “pairing complete”. For daily use, make sure your headset is turned on, and your phone’s Bluetooth feature is on. Your headset and phone connect automatically. Pair & connect a second phone 1 Turn off first phone and any other Bluetooth devices previously paired with your headset.
  • Page 11: Test Your Call Connection

    Note: When prompted for the passkey, enter 0000. When your headset successfully pairs with your phone, you hear “pairing complete”. To connect to both phones, turn on the first phone while the second phone is connected. When you hear “<phone 1 name> connected”, your headset is connected to both phones.
  • Page 12 Calls it’s good to talk Note: Some features are phone/network dependent. To... answer call Say “answer” or press the Call button. reject call Say “ignore” or press and hold a Volume button until you hear a tone. make a Press the Call button and you voice dial hear a tone.
  • Page 13 To... end a call Press the Call button. answer Press the Call button. second incoming call reject Press and hold a Volume second button until you hear a tone. incoming call Tip: When connected to two phones, follow the voice prompts to perform functions such as voice dial and redial on the desired phone.
  • Page 14: Talk Time

    Talk time check your chat time Note: The voice prompts are only in English. Press both Volume buttons while not on a call. if light and/or you your remaining shows... hear... talk time is.. “battery level less than 1.5 is low” hours yellow “battery level...
  • Page 15: Status Light

    Status light know your headset If light shows... your headset is... three blue flashes powering on/off steady blue in pairing/connect mode rapid blue/purple connecting to your flashes phone quick blue flash receiving or making a call on phone 1 quick purple flash receiving or making a call on phone 2 slow blue pulse...
  • Page 16 If light shows... your headset is... slow green flash in standby (not on a call—connected to two phones) slow red flash idle (not connected to a phone) slow red pulse muting the call steady red trying to connect to your phone quick red flash in a low battery state Note: After 1 minute on a call or 20 minutes of...
  • Page 17 Settings make some changes Note: The voice prompts are only in English. Press and hold the Call button while turning on the headset to turn these features on/off: • Reset to factory default Caution: This action erases all pairing information stored in your headset. •...
  • Page 18 Problems? we’ve got solutions Note: The voice prompts are only in English. My headset will not enter pairing mode Make sure that any devices previously paired with the headset are turned off. If the status light is not steadily lit in blue, turn off both the other device and headset, wait 10 seconds, then turn headset back on.
  • Page 19 My headset worked before but now it's not working Make sure your phone is on and the Bluetooth feature is turned on in your phone. If the Bluetooth feature was turned off or was turned on only temporarily, you may need to restart the Bluetooth feature and pair your phone and headset again (see “Pair &...
  • Page 20 Support we’re here to help If you have questions or need assistance, contact us at 1-877-MOTOBLU, or visit us at or www.motorola com/bluetoothconnect.

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