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Motorola CLP 446 User Instruction page 9

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Instructions Motorola headsets
Battery is empty, when you use the CLP, a "beep beep" sound is audible
When the two-way radio comes with a standard battery article HKNN4014A, then this battery has a talk time of
8-9 hours after charging. If your two-way radio is more than a year old, it's recommended to replace the battery
with a new one when you have no more than 8-9 hours of talk time.
The button to talk halfway down the wire of the headset doesn't work,
my colleagues don't hear me when I talk because of this
Use the large round button (push-to-talk button) (7) on the two-way radio itself. If this one does work, the headset
is defective. If this button doesn't work, then the headset is likely connected incorrectly. Detach the headset from
the two-way radio and connect it again. If the above doesn't work, the headset must be replaced.
A crackle can be heard in the earpiece
If a crackle is audible, then move the cable of the headset while holding down the push-to-talk button (7) on the
two-way radio. A small crackle is normal. PLEASE NOTE! The clear and repeated crackle can only come from one
headset and this causes a malfunction on the entire system because this crackle is broadcast. If a crackle is audible,
then move the cable of the headset. While you press down the push-to-talk button (7) on the two-way radio, you
pull the cable you suspect to be defective (for this, you must connect with a two-way radio that works). If the above
doesn't work, the headset must be replaced.
Two-way radio 'bloops' after every conversation and when turning it on or off
This is a function that can be turned on and off. When this function is turned on on a single two-way radio, this can
be heard across the entire system. Turn this function off by turning off the two-way radio using the on-off button (3).
After turning it off, first press the + button on the side of the device volume regulation (+ and -) (2), keep holding
down this button and then press the on-off button (3). The bloop will be deactivated.
Two-way radio is in a different language
Download the instruction to clone the two-way radio using (place the document on website or
view the cloning chapter in this instruction manual.
The two-way radio's volume button no longer works
Turn off the two-way radio by pressing the one-off button (3) for 2 seconds. Press the volume regulation - (1)
on the side of the two-way radio. Hold this button down and press the on-off button (3) on the two-way radio.
Message sounds distorted
Channel settings possibly don't match. Check channel (frequency) by the colours indicated by all two-way radios.
Clone all two-way radios using one two-way radio that sounds the clearest.
Range is too short
This can be caused by a transmitter nearby using the same frequency, this decreases the range of the two-way
radios. Additionally, the building or other environmental influences can also influence the range. These can be:
telephone masts, high-voltage cables, large concrete walls with a lot of steel etc.
Feeling small electrical shocks in the headset
This can be caused by breakage in the insulation of the headset cable, check whether you see any damage to
the headset cable. In case of damage, the headset must be replaced. Another cause can be that the headset is
too moist due to cleaning or perspiration. Allow the headset to dry properly before turning on the two-way radio.